Since there is so much happening this week through New Zealand, we thought the best way how to keep everyone updated would be to post a quick summary every day on what has happened so far, and what is coming up next. This is Monday.

When we originally started to plan the Westpac Week of Action, we have been overwhelmed by the great response from so many people. In the past weeks, we have received numerous emails, phone calls and Facebook messages with questions, ideas and comments on our Westpac Week of Action Masterplan. So this is it – it is happening, and it has kicked off with a bang!

HERE ARE OUR HIGHLIGHTS SO FAR! (And if you want to make sure you dot miss anything, join our Facebook event page)

1. We met with Westpac last week and made a video about it.

2. 350 Christchurch group kicked off the week with their awesome event last Saturady – a die-in flashmob action in one of the Westpac branches in Christchurch! Take a look at their video, it’s pretty brave and awesome.

350 Christchurch Westpac Week of Action Die-in from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.

3. In Gisborne, people handed in a letter to the branch manager asking Westpac to stop funding climate change. 

Gisborne action

4. We have people on board going all over the place with their Facebook creativity -> look at these memes! Aren’t they super cool?

westpac meme by babs mcgee on westpac fb wall

5. We have launched the photo ask, and have seen the first pics being posted on Westpac Facebook wall. Make one of yourself as well and send it in!