20% of the management fee KiwiSaver members pay goes to their chosen charity partner. You’re able to make the switch by filling out the Pathfinder form online, selecting 350 Aotearoa as your chosen charity and Pathfinder will handle the rest. This is a great passive way to support 350 Aotearoa financially, which will allow us to continue our awesome campaigns that challenge the cultural acceptance of the fossil fuel industry, as well as ensure your future is invested in the most ethical way possible.

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Climate Aotearoa

Contributions from a range of climate scientists and commentators Rob Bell, Jason Boberg, Adelia Hallett, Sophie Handford, Rhys Jones, Haylee Koroi, Matt McGlone, Jamie Morton, Rod Oram, Jim Salinger, Kera Sherwood-O’Regan, Simon Thrush and Andrew Jeffs.

Climate Aotearoa outlines the climate situation as it is now, and as it will be in the years to come. It describes the likely impact on the environment and on our day-to-day living situation.

It suggests the changes you can make for maximum impact, what we should be asking of our government and what we should be asking of our business community. In doing so, this is a hopeful book – actions can make a difference.

350 Aotearoa receives royalties from Climate Aotearoa book purchases. Purchase yours here.

Mindful Money

Mindful Money is a charity that wants to make money a force for good. Many New Zealanders want to invest ethically but don’t have the objective information and research to compare the options. Mindful Money want to empower all New Zealanders to be responsible for how they invest their savings.

On Mindful Money’s website you can find:

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