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There are local groups across the country filled with passionate changemakers who are leading the campaign to make Aotearoa fossil free.

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When you become a campaigner for 350 Aotearoa you will be given access to a toolkit full of organising resources.

Volunteer to support a project

Have you got a particular set of expertise or skills that you’d like to contribute to 350 Aotearoa? We love working with volunteers on projects to support our campaigns and operations.

Examples of past projects include:

  • Working with videographers and animators to create videos to explain the theory of change behind our campaigns
  • Working with illustrators and designers to create eye-catching flyers, posters and graphics
  • Working with facilitators who help to guide decision-making processes
  • Web development
  • Social media content creation

Please email with expressions of interest to get involved as a project volunteer.

Start a Petition Campaign

People power will solve the climate crisis – and now everyone can start and win campaigns to protect our common future.

350 Campaigns and Go Fossil Free Campaigns are open platforms available to anyone and everyone who wants to do their part to solve the climate crisis. Taking on global warming is a HUGE task, so we need people working all over the world on lots of different campaigns to make it happen.

Why should I use a campaign petition platform?

You can start campaigns elsewhere, but if you use this platform we will:

  • Help boost your campaign by promoting it to a global network of climate activists.
  • Provide campaigns with strategic consultation on media, grassroots organizing, and more.
  • Offer specialized support tailored to the unique challenges of climate campaigns.

What’s the difference between 350 Campaigns and Go Fossil Free Campaigns?

The 350 campaigns platform is designed for any kind of environmental and social justice issue.

Go Fossil Free Campaigns is purpose built to host fossil fuel divestment campaigns, so you’ll notice that all of our universities use it.

What makes a good campaign?

Most good campaigns are…

  • Strategic: focus your efforts on the right targets who can make the change you’re seeking.
  • Winnable: make sure your efforts aren’t futile.
  • Ambitious: aim high enough to make real difference in the fight against the climate crisis.
  • Timely: so people feel the urgency to act.
  • Compelling: tell a good, honest story so people sign on and join you.
  • Hopeful: global warming can be depressing, but the strongest climate campaigns aren’t all doom and gloom.

Go forth and campaign! If you have any questions, please email for support.

Climate Resistance Handbook

If you’re wondering how to build a powerful, strategic movement that can make big wins for climate action, this is your guide.

The Climate Resistance Handbook brings together a wealth of learnings from the climate justice movement. It starts with breaking social myths about how social movements win. Then dives into campaign tools and frameworks you can use. It closes with how to grow your group and use creative, impactful actions and tactics.

This book is full of stories of climate warriors from around the globe and historical movements. It’s filled with practical wisdom and inspiration to make you more effective, more active, and ready for what’s next.

Organising & Training

Leading an action, meeting, or training? Find tools and techniques that will help you and the people around overcome obstacles and work together.

Tools for organisers, facilitators and trainers

Upcoming Events

Check out the latest events, sign up and be up-to-date with more ways to take action.

Climate Stories Hub

Where the global climate movement shares stories, resources, and ideas.

There is no single story about climate change. This is a hub for grassroots stories across the global climate movement about the world we need to build and how we’ll get there. Read. Listen. Share. Join.

Read. Listen. Share. Join.