Calling on our Mayors to Stand Against the Oil Conference

Every year global oil industry leaders and experts meet to discuss and plan to extract, explore for and produce more fossil fuels in Aotearoa. The event website states that the sector is, “poised for action and ready for growth,” a statement we cannot allow to be true if we are to keep global warming below 2 degrees.

We’re calling on our Mayors to stand up for our people and our climate! We’re getting them to sign a statement and stand against hosting the Oil Conference in our cities. This will show the industry there is no place for new oil and gas in Aotearoa!

With the recent increase in intense cyclones, the record-breaking heatwave, and flooding across the country, cities in Aotearoa need to act regarding the future of our climate.

[Send a letter] to your mayor telling them to stand against hosting the Oil Conference!


Fossil Free University of Auckland

Did you know the The University of Auckland is investing in coal, oil, and gas companies in the face of a global climate emergency?

It’s time for The University of Auckland to show true commitment to sustainability. FFUOA, the student-led organisation at University of Auckland, is demanding that Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stuart McCutcheon actively supports divestment from coal, oil, and gas, #ForAllOurFutures.

Click here to tell University of Auckland to divest from fossil fuels.

Students pour “oil” on their diplomas to protest UoA’s investments in fossil fuels


Fossil Free Aoraki

Christchurch’s newest climate action group, Fossil Free Aoraki, is starting its first campaign: to switch Fonterra from coal to renewables for drying milk. Fonterra is Aotearoa’s second largest user of coal, so this change will make a massive difference to our climate, but they need our help to kick the habit.

For a company that cares about its emissions, choosing not to invest in new coal boilers is a no-brainer. Coal is the dirtiest way to dry milk, and cleaner alternative technologies are already being used both in Aotearoa and overseas. Fonterra must step up and kick their coal habit.

Click here to sign the petition to call on Fonterra to walk their talk on climate, and quit coal!

Fossil Free Banks

Our banks are funding a big problem. Since 2008, the “Big 4” Australian banks that dominate NZ’s banking – Westpac, Commonwealth (parent company of ASB), NAB (parent company of BNZ), and ANZ – have loaned over $76 billion  NZD to new coal and gas projects in Australia, as well as financing projects here in NZ.

These investments threaten our climate and precious ecosystems like the Denniston Plateau and the Great Barrier Reef. As custodians of the majority of New Zealanders’ money, we can hold the Big Banks accountable for how it is used.

In New Zealand, Australia and all around the world, a movement of people are using their collective customer power to demand that the banks invest their savings responsibly.

New Zealand is in a unique position, where none of our locally-owned banks – like KiwiBank and the Cooperative – have any direct fossil fuel investments. Yet. We have an opportunity as a nation to have our banks commit to providing truly fossil free alternatives for Kiwis.

You can download our full 2015 Banks report here.

Check out our chart to see how your bank invests in fossil fuels, and send a letter to your bank telling them to divest!

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Click chart to see bigger version on our recourses page, and to send a letter to your bank



KiwiSaver Divestment

News of the default KiwiSaver funds’ investments in cluster bombs shocked people around the country. In addition, these funds are also invested in fossil fuels, which have similar destructive abilities to weapons – the climate catastrophes they cause decimate entire villages, towns, and ecosystems.

See how ethical your KiwiSaver is by looking at the [chart]! If you decide to move to a more ethical KiwiSaver, let your current KiwiSaver know why.

Click to see the chart bigger.

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