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Homegrown Energy

Aotearoa was once known for our clean electricity grid, but the truth is that, in recent years, it has only been getting dirtier. Instead of investing in wind, solar and geothermal energy, our country’s energy mafia – the big 5 gentailers – are firing up more coal, gas and diesel. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right leadership, our homes and industries could be powered on 100% homegrown renewable energy.

Join us in calling on the government to announce a pathway that will achieve a just, equitable, and safe energy future that is grounded in climate justice and enables communities to be part of the solution!

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Fossil Free State Sector

Every child in Aotearoa should be able to go to school and breathe clean air, and every patient and healthcare worker should be kept warm and well by renewable-powered heating. 

Currently, hundreds of our state schools and a number of our hospitals burn coal and gas for heating. This is a major risk to the health of our communities and our climate. Our Government must fund a fast transition towards clean energy in our schools, hospitals and public buildings and across the full state sector. 

Sign our open letter to Hon. Grant Robertson calling on him to properly fund the decarbonisation of our state sector. It’s up to us to send a clear message to our Government that there can be no place for fossil fuel boilers that put our health and climate at risk in our schools, hospitals and other state sector buildings.

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ACC Go Fossil Free

Public Funds for Public Good #ACCGoFossilFree Public funds must be for public good.

ACC, one of our major public investment funds, is using over $200 million of our public money to line the pockets of dirty fossil fuel companies that have knowingly pushed our climate to the brink of collapse and are now threatening to take us over the edge.

It’s up to us to bring ACC on track to put our communities and environment first and use our public funds to build a healthier future for all of us.

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The choices we make today will impact our society, economy, health and climate for decades to come.

Together we can shape Aotearoa’s post-pandemic recovery to promote our vision for a just, sustainable and equitable future for people and the planet. Add your name to support our #JustRecovery Principles.

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Fossil Free Banks

We know a safe climate future, below 1.5C warming, means zero fossil fuels. Yet, our banks are investing billions of dollars in the fossil fuel industry. Since 2016, our major banks have loaned over $35.5bn to fossil fuel projects in Aotearoa and offshore.

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