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Fossil Free Banks

We know a safe climate future, below 1.5C warming, means zero fossil fuels. Yet, our banks are investing billions of dollars in the fossil fuel industry. Since 2015, our major banks have loaned over $21bn to fossil fuel projects in Aotearoa and offshore.

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AIG Drop Adani

'AIG Drop Coal #StopAdani' over All Blacks line up

The All Blacks lead sponsor is insuring the Adani Carmichael mega coal mine. Adani plans to release 4.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere, and trample on the rights of Indigenous landowners, the Wanngan and Jagalingou people.

Our boys wouldn’t fumble with climate breakdown like AIG is. 

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Auckland War Memorial Museum

350 Auckland are calling on the Auckland War Memorial Museum to take a moral stance and reject financial and non-financial support from Stevenson Foundation or Group (the company that hold the permits to mine Te Kuha in the West Coast), and other fossil fuel companies like them.

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KiwiSaver Divestment

News of the default KiwiSaver funds’ investments in cluster bombs shocked people around the country. In addition, these funds are also invested in fossil fuels, which have similar destructive abilities to weapons – the climate catastrophes they cause decimate entire villages, towns, and ecosystems.

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Te Kuha

Coal is 100% not our future

If Stevenson Group does go ahead with this mine the climate implications of Te Kuha mine will reach much further than the West Coast. This is an issue that impacts our whole nation, our neighbours in the Pacific, and our global commitments. #KeepItInTheGround

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Ban fossil fuel industry events from council-owned venues

While our city councils plan for climate mitigation and adaptation, oil, gas, and coal conferences are being hosted in council-owned venues. At these industry events, the growth and advancement of the world’s dirtiest industry are promoted. We cannot allow this climate-wrecking business to operate in our city-owned venues.

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