Fossil Free State Sector

We’re a coalition of organisations from across Aotearoa working together to achieve a fossil free state sector – one that is powered by renewable energy sources and not the fossil fuels that are radically altering our climate with devastating consequences.

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We’re a coalition of climate justice organisations working together to achieve a fossil free state sector. Collectively we represent thousands of people across Aotearoa united by our vision for a clean-powered, equitable and just future for all.

Fossil fuels have no place in the boilers that warm our schools, hospitals, prisons and other public institutions. Together we are building public support and the social license for our government to prioritise state sector decarbonisation to lower our overall carbon emissions, improve the quality of the air we breathe and send a clear message that the days of burning dirty fossil fuels like coal are over.

We are working to achieve:

  • An immediate ban on all new fossil fuel boilers in state sector buildings.
  • A commitment to transition all existing fossil fuel boilers to renewably sourced power by 2025, and additional budget allocation to support the transition.
  • The release of clear steps on the application process for grants from the Clean Powered State Sector Fund to make it accessible for all state sector institutions to apply to the fund.
  • The publication a list of all state sector institutions, including local authorities, still burning fossil fuels for heat.
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Call on Grant Robertson to prioritise decarbonisation in Budget 2022

Every child in Aotearoa should be able to go to school and breathe clean air, and every patient and healthcare worker should be kept warm and well by renewable-powered heating. 

Currently, hundreds of our public schools and a number of our hospitals burn coal and gas for heating. This is a major risk to the health of our communities and our climate. Our Government must fund a fast transition towards clean energy in our schools, hospitals, prisons and across the full state sector.

Sign our open letter to Hon. Grant Robertson (cc Hon. James Shaw and Chris Hipkins) calling on him to prioritise decarbonising the state sector in the upcoming budget. It's up to us to send a clear message to our Government that there can be no place for fossil fuel boilers that put our health and climate at risk in our schools, hospitals and other state sector buildings.

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Sign our open letter to call on Grant Robertson to prioritise clean air and a safe climate in Budget 2022

Tēnā koe Hon. Grant Robertson (cc Hon. James Shaw and Chris Hipkins),

I call on you to prioritise decarbonising the state sector by allocating more money in the upcoming budget to transition all existing fossil fuel boilers in state sector buildings to renewably-sourced heating.

Climate change, as our Prime Minister has declared, is an emergency, and our generation's 'nuclear-free moment’, and it requires the same level of leadership, ambition and determination to overcome. The window in which we still have time to reduce our carbon emissions and limit the worst impacts of climate change is getting smaller every day. This budget term will be crucial to support our transition to a low-carbon economy.

I call on you, in your capacity as Minister of Finance, to allocate the necessary funding to convert all existing fossil fuel boilers in state sector buildings in Budget 2022. Burning coal, oil and gas is the single biggest source of carbon dioxide from human activity and it contributes to air and water pollution. The links between fossil fuel use and serious illness or death are becoming clearer every day. I understand that approximately 200 schools in Aotearoa still use coal-fired boilers for heating. These schools tend to be concentrated in regions that have poor air quality and a range of respiratory health issues. It is unacceptable that fossil fuels continue to be burnt in so many schools, not to mention hospitals and prisons, in Aotearoa.

I appreciate that the government is taking significant steps towards transitioning to a zero-carbon Aotearoa. However, I am also aware of the severity of the climate crisis and the urgency with which decarbonisation efforts need to be treated. Progressing policies to meaningfully reduce our emissions now will not only make a material impact on our overall emissions but will set an example for the rest of the world. Prioritising the transitioning of all existing fossil fuel boilers in state sector buildings to renewably-sourced heating will send a strong signal that burning coal and gas for heating is no longer acceptable when there are effective alternatives available. Ensuring there is a sufficient budget allocation in Budget 2022 is vital to make this happen.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui.

Sign our open letter to call on Grant Robertson to prioritise clean air and a safe climate in Budget 2022

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Coalition members

Coal Action Network Aotearoa
Coal Action Network Aotearoa (CANA) recognises coal as the primary threat to Earth’s climate system. CANA promotes climate justice by advocating and acting for a just transition to an Aotearoa free of coal mining and use.

OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate and Health Council
We are health professionals calling for urgent and fair climate action – with real health gains now and for our future

Ōtepoti School Strike 4 Climate

Parents for Climate Action
Parents for Climate Aotearoa advocate for a safe climate for all children. Shifting our reliance on fossil fuels will help ensure a livable planet for our kids.

350 Aotearoa
350 Aotearoa is the New Zealand arm of the international climate movement, which to unite the world around climate change solutions. We’re inspiring, training and mobilising people across New Zealand to bring power back to citizens and stand up to the fossil fuel industry that is causing the climate crisis.