Simplicity Divestment Shows Turning Tide Against Fossil Fuel Industry

Press Release5 June, 2018Simplicity Divestment Shows Turning Tide Against Fossil Fuel Industry 350 Aotearoa is congratulating KiwiSaver provider, Simplicity, on their decision to divest from fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco and pornorgaphy, calling it “an outstanding example of people using their power to push institutions like Simplicity to take action on climate change.”Today Simplicity announced that (More...)

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Karlo Mila’s Poem for The Commonwealth

POEM FOR THE COMMONWEALTH 2018 By Karlo Mila Watch the video of Karlo at the Fossil Free Acceleration Tour (Auckland, 7th May 2018) here: We gather here and feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. It does not feel like we’ve inherited  commonwealth. But rather common problems. If we are to heed the (More...)

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On My Way to the Fossil Free Acceleration Tour

By Rosemary Penwarden I’m on my way to speak at climate guru and co-founder Bill McKibben’s Fossil Fuel Acceleration Tour in Wellington – the slow way, since I’ve stopped flying. Not quite – I have saved one last flight for my mum. She’s 93. I live in the south, she in the north. I (More...)


How Bill McKibben changed my Life

By Áine Kelly-Costello In 2013, I was just another uni student. I was staying at halls, looking for the odd interesting event to mosey along to with friends to distract me from my upcoming English essays and Music Theory assignments. One evening, just such an event that most of my dinner dinner table were heading (More...)


Bill McKibben in NZ for The Climate change Tour

PRESS RELEASE Bill McKibben in NZ for The Climate change Tour of Our Times 350 Aotearoa is proud to host the internationally acclaimed author, climate activist, and founder of, Bill McKibben, for the New Zealand leg of his global ‘Fossil Free Acceleration Tour’. Bill will be speaking alongside local climate movement leaders at two public events, (More...)

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