is your bank funding climate change?

350 Aotearoa Banks Table 2020

Our major banks in Aotearoa are playing a critical role in keeping the fossil fuel industry afloat by lending and investing billions of our savings in coal, oil and gas companies that have knowingly caused the climate crisis.

Find out if your bank is supporting climate criminals, and switch to a Fossil Free bank!

Does your bank fund climate change? Find a bank that guarantees that your savings are not bankrolling coal, oil, and gas companies. The table shows information about ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac, Kiwibank, TSB, and the Cooperative Bank. There are 2 main parts to the table: a breakdown of each bank’s financing to fossil fuels since January 2016 ($AUD); and an assessment of each bank’s climate change and responsible investment policies. The only bank that meets the criteria to be a fossil free bank with full corporate exclusion of fossil fuel projects or and companies is Kiwibank. Please note a screen reader friendly PDF version of the table is available at the link below.

Click here for a downloadable pdf version of our 2020 Banks Table.

Note: Some of the banks assessed in this table are subsidiary companies of Australian banking groups. This table assesses the financial activities and policies of each banking group, rather than the subsidiary companies. This is because current policies, investments, and lending practices are managed at a group level. In this table, the banks are primarily referred to by the operating name in Aotearoa as the intended audience for this report is New Zealanders.

  • ANZ – Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
  • ASB – the New Zealand subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • BNZ – the New Zealand subsidiary of National Australian Bank
  • Westpac – Westpac Banking Corporation

However, Kiwibank’s corporate responsibility policies (including its Responsible Banking Policy) happen at the company level, and sibling companies like Kiwi Wealth (Kiwisaver fund) have separate responsible investment policies that are not fossil free.


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Demand the Big Four Banks go fossil free

Our major banks in Aotearoa - ANZ, ASB, BNZ, and Westpac - are playing a critical role in keeping the fossil fuel industry afloat by lending and investing billions of our savings in coal, oil and gas companies that have knowingly caused the climate crisis.
Despite these banks making commitments in support transitioning to a low-carbon economy in line with the Paris Agreement, they have collectively loaned AUD $35.5 billion to the dirty coal, oil and gas industry since 2016. 

We've successfully pushed Kiwibank to cut all ties with coal, oil, and gas companies, and commit to never do business with climate criminals. It's time to demand our other major banks do the same.

Let's use our collective power to call on our banks to go fossil free!

To the boards and executive teams at the ANZ, Westpac, ASB (and its parent company Commonwealth Bank), and BNZ (and its parent company National Australia Bank),

We demand that you deliver on your commitments to keep global warming below two degrees and cut all ties with coal, oil, and gas companies that have knowingly caused the climate crisis. 

As banks that claim to be committed to climate action and sustainability, you need to rule out any future lending or investment in coal, oil, and gas companies, and announce plans to rapidly phase out finance to fossil fuel companies and projects. This is the only way you can deliver on your climate commitments to ensure a safe climate future.

We cannot afford to keep bankrolling an industry that is actively fueling the climate crisis. Our savings need to go towards a safe and fair future, built on 100% renewable energy for all.

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After years of people-powered pressure from our 350 Aotearoa community, Kiwibank has officially cut ties with coal, oil and gas – making it Aotearoa’s first Fossil Free Bank!

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Read our 2018 report: ‘Bankrolling the Climate Crisis’

Check out the report that relaunched our banks campaign back in 2018. ‘Bankrolling the Climate Crisis’ exposed the relationship between the fossil fuel industry and our banks operating in Aotearoa.

Please note that the tables in the report are out of date. Please see our 2020 Banks Table for the most up to date information on our banks’ investments in and lending to coal, oil and gas companies.

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