Next week we want to show Westpac who are the people behind the letters and asks, show them that they are real people, all ages and generations, students, moms, activists, lawyers, pastors – everyone! Pictures are a really powerful tool to show it, and this is where we need you.

During the Westpac Week of Action, this is how you can get involved, even if you can’t be part of any other action or event:

1) Take a picture of yourself holding your ask to Westpac. Be as creative and explicit as you want, what is important is that it is YOUR ask, something personal and what you would like Westpac to know.

2) Post this picture on Westpac Facebook wall and/or Tweet it, using their Twitter handle @WestpacNZ 

3) Send this picture to us to so we can make a nice picture gallery and show what an awesome and merry crowd we are!

This is how we did it in our office, feel free to borrow our asks and come up with your own!

_DSC2836 _DSC2838 _DSC2834 _DSC2841 _DSC2825 _DSC2843