What does it take to build a movement to match the scale of the climate crisis? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. It is the people. The power of 350 has always been in our distributed model of organising: communities across Aotearoa working towards a shared goal. We want to make sure our grassroots network is strengthened, empowered, and humming!

In two weeks time, we’re bringing our volunteers from around Aotearoa for a hui. But we need your support to make it happen. Can you chip in to make our volunteer hui happen?

  • $10 covers a volunteer’s toolkit for campaigning
  • $25 covers a volunteer’s meals for 3 nights
  • $50 covers a volunteer’s accommodation for 3 nights
  • $150 covers a volunteer’s travel costs
  • $500 covers our venue hire for 3 days

At 350 Aotearoa, our focus remains on cutting financial and social ties with those most responsible for the climate crisis: the fossil fuel industry. We’re aiming to ground our work in the principles of climate justice and contribute meaningfully to a just transition to 100% renewable energyOur priority is to deliver strategic campaigns that have an impact where it counts.

Our hui in two weeks time has specific outcomes:

  • Setting up our volunteer campaigners to run more hard-hitting fossil free campaigns targeting banks in 2020.
  • Building leadership and development opportunities for volunteers.
  • Establishing systems of support and collective care for our volunteers.
  • Grounding our work in the principles of climate justice.
  • Exploring what a just transition to 100% renewable energy means for Aotearoa
  • Celebrating 10 years of 350.org organising climate action.

Help us to deliver on our goals by supporting our upcoming hui!

Why now?

Last week marked 10 years since we hosted the first 350.org action, here in Wellington, as part of a global day of action in 181 countries. CNN called it ‘the most widespread day of political action in our planet’s history’. We’re so proud of how the climate movement has flourished: over 7.6 million people participated in the Global Strike for Climate in September this year. That’s incredible. Next month, we’re celebrating the success of the movement and how we build upon it for the next ten years of climate action.

Chip in to make our anniversary hui happen.

Most people would assume we’re a big NGO, but in Aotearoa New Zealand, Erica and I are the only staff. We’re sustained by a huge amount of passionate volunteer work and generous donations from our community.

In less than a year we have:

  • Released our report ‘Bankrolling the Climate Crisis’
  • Built a campaign calling on our New Zealand-owned banks to go Fossil Free.
  • Exposed ANZ’s back-room sponsorship of the Petroleum Club
  • Sent 800 letters to Mayor Dave Cull to oppose the Minerals Forum in Dunedin
  • Won our volunteer lead campaign for Fonterra to stop building new coal boilers
  • Won our volunteer lead campaign to divest the University of Auckland from fossil fuels
  • Marked the global milestone of USD$11 trillion committed to being Fossil Free
  • Worked with the 350.org global team to support the Global Strike for Climate
  • Put pressure on the government to create responsible Fossil Free default KiwiSaver funds free from fossil fuels.
  • Sent over 3,000 letters and handed over a 35,000 strong petition calling on NZ Rugby to drop their partnership with AIG for insuring the mega Adani coal mine.

And just last Friday, we turned up at AIG HQ to present them with a red card for its foul play in dealing insurance to the climate-wrecking Adani project in Australia!

You don’t see us fundraising in the street, knocking on your door, or ringing you at dinner time because truthfully, we don’t have the time! We put 90% of our capacity into organising, campaigning, and taking action. To keep this level of campaigning up we do need your support. Chip in to support 350 Aotearoa!