Today we saw the creativity and power of our local actions, and we must say – we love every single bit of them.

It is amazing to see more and more people joining our call on Westpac to stop funding climate change, stop funding Bathurst, stop funding fossil fuel future. Wea re receiving pictures and stories from all over New Zealand, from young and old, from people we know and from we people we have never heard of. This Westpac Week of Action is sparkling with unexpected creativity and fun, and it is truly inspiring to see all that captured in photographies and videos!


1. Action in Invercargill – well done, people, with all the flyering and bringing the climate elephant along! 

Invercargill action

2. In Tauranga, a group of locals had a “Cliamte crime scene cheque” to give to Westpac, as well as creative posters and flyers to give to people passing by.


3. Have you seen Westpac’s Facebook wall yet? It is quite stunning to see that people – including Westpac’s own customoers! –  are really serious about their call on Westpac. Hopefully those managing Westpac’s Facebook wall will pass the message on to their bosses. If not, we will. 

Janet Kruse De Lu