As for Thursday, we have a Westpac Week of Action in Wellington video to show off, as well as pictures and stories from other parts of New Zealand.

The best place where to follow ALL the Week of Action updates, news, thoughts, ideas, pictures and much more, is our Facebook event page, which is constantly being updated with bits and pieces from all over the country. We are doing our best to keep track of what is going on where, but if you don’t see your action or event posted on there, let us know, send us some pictures, and we will make sure others hear about it, too!

Don’t forget to make a picture of yourself and your ask to Westpac, and post it on their Facebook wall! The more visual, creative asks they get, the better, right?


1.  We got a beautifully written letter to Westpac from New Zealand poet and author Brian Turner, together with his permission to put it up on our blog, hoping it would inspire others to push Westpac even more. As Brian Turner writes: “At a time when we need to be phasing out coal and other fossil fuels you are supporting Bathurst. Continue to do that and you make a mockery of your claim that sustainability is at the heart of your culture.” 

2. Our Wellington action yesterday went great, and we have put together a short video showing how it actually was and how does it look when a bank forces to leave its own customers.

Westpac Week of Action event in Wellington from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.

3. Auckland had a visible and bright action at one of their local Westpac branches as well. We are waiting on to hear more stories, but as for now, here’s one picture, more are coming soon.