We met up with Lynne couple of weeks ago to have a chat about why she is switching from Westpac. She is one of the over 100 people in New Zealand who are moving their money to another bank, telling to Westpac: “If you are still investing our moeny in dirty fossil fuel projects, we don’t want you to be our bank”. Watch this video to hear more.

Lynne says she doesn’t want to be part of the problem, she wants to be part of the solution. She knows very well how helpless one can sometimes feel when thinking or reading in the news about climate change and the impact it has on communities and environment around the world, but she also says this: “Climate change destruction affects everybody. People think they can’t do anything, even in a small way, but you can! You can take your money out of businesses which are investing in fossil fuel companies and put it elsewhere towards sustainable, renewable energy.” 

Are you too thinking of leaving Westpac and moving to another bank? Or maybe you are with another bank, and want to check if they have investments in fossil fuels? Or you are with a responsible bank, but still want to support our divestment campaign? Either way – check out what is happening in couple of weeks over Westpac Switch Week during 7 – 12 April and join the crowd!

Why Lynne is switching from Westpac from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.