Last week we launched 350 Aotearoa’s Principles for a Just Recovery from COVID-19, so that we as citizens have a chance to shape our government’s response and recovery from the pandemic. Will you take a minute to join the hundreds of 350 supporters that have signed these principles? Together we can call on our government to uphold these Principles as we recover from COVID-19.

Once you’ve signed the principles, join our action to tell our Ministers to ensure the government’s ‘shovel-ready’ infrastructure projects have our Just Recovery Principles at the heart of them.

Right now, our Ministers are reviewing and allocating billions of dollars to ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects to stimulate the economy in response to COVID-19. Their decisions could either lock us into decades of unsustainable energy & transport systems or set us on course towards a more equitable, accessible, low-carbon Aotearoa. We need to act now to make sure our Ministers choose the right future for all of us.

Will you email our Ministers and call for a Just Recovery from COVID-19?

This is a moment to stand up and tell our Ministers about the future we want for Aotearoa. The Minister of Finance Grant Robertson, Minister of Economic Development Phil Twyford, and Minister of Infrastructure & Regional Economic Development Shane Jones are making decisions that will shape Aotearoa for years to come. If we act now, we can ensure that the public money given to support infrastructure projects does not end up in the hands of polluting industries or projects that lock us into years of unsustainable energy & transport systems.

Together we can push for the government’s infrastructure spending to align with our principles for a Just Recovery and set us on course for a just and sustainable future for people and the planet.

Send an email to our Ministers now and call for a just and sustainable recovery.

Here are some suggestions for what your email could include. We encourage you to take some time to add your own thoughts – messages that explain why the issue matters personally to you are often the most impactful.

Dear Grant Robertson, Phil Twyford, and Shane Jones,

I am writing to you to call on you to ensure that all infrastructure projects that receive funding in the upcoming budget align with 350 Aotearoa’s Principles for a Just Recovery. As we move towards economic recovery, government stimulus should be focused on creating a more resilient, sustainable future for all New Zealanders.

It is vital that the government’s response to COVID-19 and investment in rebuilding our economy aligns with our commitment to mitigate climate change and transform Aotearoa to a more just, low-carbon society. Please use this opportuning to build Aotearoa back better, and ensure that all infrastructure funding is accessible, sustainable, and align with these principles.

  1. Put people’s health and human rights first, no exceptions.
  2. Honour Te Tiriti through partnership with Māori in all decision-making.
  3. Take action to stop climate change and build a just and sustainable future for all.
  4. Support workers and communities and create secure jobs and liveable incomes for all.
  5. Build a resilient economy centred on wellbeing for all people, where everyone contributes their fair share of tax to build the society we want.
  6. Ensure transparency and allow for democratic scrutiny in all decision-making.

The response to COVID-19 will set the legacy for this government in the lead up to the election. Now is the opportunity to demonstrate to voters that you are listening to our calls for equity, resilience, and a sustainable future for all.

Yours sincerely,

In March this year we demonstrated that when our 350 Aotearoa community comes together and calls on the government to take meaningful change, they listen. We created the social licence for the government to divest all default Kiwisavers from fossil fuels. We can do it again.

Call on our Ministers to align with our principles for a Just Recovery, and together we can set Aotearoa on track to build back better from COVID-19, and accelerate our transition towards a fairer, more prosperous future for people and for the planet.