More than 25 environmental and community groups have published an Open Letter calling on Parliament to honour Te Tiriti and protect the environment. The letter was published as a half-page ad in the NZ Herald today, by a coalition of environmental, social justice, migrant rights, and religious groups.

“Our letter calls on Parliament to fulfil its collective duty to protect Te Tiriti and Te Taiao. Our letter demonstrates the connections between the Te Tiriti Principles Bill, the Fast-track Approvals Bill, the undermining of Te Reo Māori, and more,” says coalition spokesperson Alva Feldmeier of 350 Aotearoa.

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“It’s clear the coalition government feels threatened by our nation’s move towards becoming a more Tiriti-honouring, justice-centred, participatory & inclusive society. Te Tiriti is what gives all New Zealanders a place to stand in this land. Environmental breakdown and pollution only began when Tangata Whenua had their land stolen; there can be no climate justice without returning special places and other resources back to Māori. The environmental movement stands alongside Tangata Whenua’s struggle for self-determination – colonisation and climate injustice are two faces of the same coin.,” says Catherine Delahunty who was one of the initiators of the project.

“Every week there are more Government threats to Te Tiriti and Māori rights – such as the attack on the Oranga Tamariki Act, the fast-track bill or the plan to sabotage Māori Wards. The list is endless and the undersigned declare our support for Te Tiriti justice whether we belong to large environmental groups or small networks and mention some of the reasons the Government does not represent so many of us. Together we can protect the environment for the future and have good Te Tiriti-based relationships with whoever is the Government of the day“, adds Delahunty.

The undersigned environment and community groups state in the letter “We can do better than this, by supporting Matike Mai,  a constitutional transformation based on Te Tiriti, and by protecting Papatūanūku.”

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Matiki Mai can be read at: