In August we will be bringing you the Love Your Neighbour, Pacific Leaders Climate Tour.

We have teamed up with Oxfam, Tearfund, and the Auckland Diocesan Climate Change Action Group to bring Reverend Lusama of Tuvalu, and Pacific Climate Warrior, Starling Konainau of the Solomon Islands, to speak about how climate change is already affecting their nations in Pacific, and how we, as neighbours, can address this injustice and New Zealand’s contribution to it.

There will be free public events in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, where Rev Lusama, Starling, and several other Pacific speakers will give updates from the Pacific, and give us perspective on how we, as Kiwis, can be good neighbours and tackle climate change together.

  • Auckland: Friday, 7th August6-7pm, Fale Pasifika, Auckland University
  • ChristchurchMonday, 10th August3-4pm, Undercroft, James Height Library, Canterbury University
  • WellingtonWednesday, 12th August6-7pm, Faculty of Law, Victoria UniversityFor more details go to