We’re just a few hours away from kick-off at the Rugby World Cup in Tokyo. We need to bring an urgent message to the field. We are world champions in rugby, but we need to be champions at tackling climate change too. The problem is the All Blacks’ primary sponsor, AIG is clearly offside, backing the mega Adani coal mine in Australia. 

Join the twitter storm: Tell AIG to drop Adani

We know AIG values its sponsorship with All Blacks more than any other. All eyes will be on the legendary black jersey during the Rugby World Cup. It’s a proud moment for many New Zealanders watching. But while AIG support the world’s dirtiest industry, our reputation is on the line. The company AIG is insuring plans to release 4.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere, and trample on the rights of Indigenous landowners, the Wangan and Jagalingou people. Our boys wouldn’t fumble with climate breakdown like AIG is. 

Let’s make a score for climate: Tweet @AIGInsurance to drop Adani

In the middle of the Rugby World Cup, AIG is due to make a decision as to whether it will renew its insurance with Adani and cover the company as it begins work on the mine. Now’s the time to put the pressure on and make a score for the climate. Join in the game’s commentary on Twitter as we put the flood-lights on AIG’s relationship to the Adani coal mine.

'AIG Drop Coal #StopAdani' over All Blacks line up

AIG need to pick up their game. 57 global corporations including 37 financial institutions have ruled out working with Adani. It’s toxic. Not even ANZ and Westpac, who are known for fowl play when it comes to financing fossil fuels, are willing to back the disastrous Adani coal mine. As the insurance industry reels from the impact of ever-worsening floods, storms, bushfires and heatwaves, AIG is proving itself unfit if it would even consider underwriting a new coal project. 

At tonight’s game, together we can make an impact. In under 24 hours almost 28,000 people signed the petition calling for the All Blacks to drop AIG until it drops Adani. If you haven’t already, join the crowd and send a letter to Rugby New Zealand here.