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The All Blacks’ major global partner is insuring the Adani Carmichael mega coal mine. Adani plans to release 4.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere, and trample on the rights of Indigenous landowners, the Wanngan and Jagalingou people. Our boys wouldn’t fumble with climate breakdown like AIG is. 

AIG needs to pick up its game. In the middle of the Rugby World Cup, AIG is due to make a decision as to whether it will renew its insurance with Adani. Now’s the time to put the pressure on and make a score for the climate.

Put the flood-lights on AIG’s relationship to the Adani coal mine.

1. Print a copy of the sign below or get creative and make your own.
2. Whether you’re taking your kids to sport this weekend, watching the All Blacks match at home or your local pub, or just really don’t want the mega Adani coal mine to go ahead- take a profile photo of yourself holding the sign and share it online from 5pm Sunday. 
3. Use the hashtags #BACKBLACK #RWC2019 #TackleTheRisk and don’t forget to tag @AllBlacks @AIGInsurance.
4. Send us a copy of the photo to 350@350.org.nz and we’ll add it to a photo board to deliver to Rugby New Zealand.

All Blacks kick coal & drop AIG Score for climate

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The only foul play happening in this game is the @AllBlacks primary sponsor @AIGinsurance backing the disastrous Adani #coal mine #NZLvsNAM #BACKBLACK #RWC2019 #TackleTheRisk #AIGDropCoal @NZRugby
.@AllBlacks @NZRugby it’s time to kick the coal out the ruck. @AIGinsurance is clearly offside, backing the climate-wrecking Adani coal mine. #NZLvsNAM #BACKBLACK #RWC2019 #AIGDropCoal #TackleTheRisk
.@AllBlacks @NZRugby We are world champions in rugby, but we need to be champions at tackling climate change too. Your sponsor @AIGInsurance belongs in the #sinbin for backing the mega Adani #coal mine. #NZLvsNAM #BACKBLACK #RWC2019 #AIGDropCoal #TackleTheRisk
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Tell the All Blacks to dump AIG until AIG dumps Adani

AIG is the major global partner of the All Blacks and it's doing what 14 other companies have refused to do: insure the Adani Carmichael mine. The most bitterly opposed mine in Australia’s history.

If built, this massive new coal mine will pump out more carbon than whole countries. It will help destroy the Great Barrier Reef and tear up the native lands of the Wangan and Jagalingou peoples.

And it’s only possible because AIG is insuring it. 

Right now AIG is in damage control. It’s hoping that another win for the All Blacks will help smooth over the bad PR they’ve been receiving for getting into bed with Adani. Let's strip them of this social licence to wreck our climate.

Call on Mark Robinson, CEO of Rugby NZ, to have the All Blacks drop AIG as a sponsor now.

*More information: All Blacks dragged into Stop Adani campaign Australian Financial Review. 16 September 2019.

Dear Mr Robinson,

We need to tackle climate change. Your sponsor AIG belongs in the sin bin for backing the mega Adani coal mine.

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