On Earth Day, April 22nd 2022 we are handing over our petition to the House of Representatives calling for an immediate ban on new fossil fuel boilers. 

In May last year, the International Energy Agency (“IEA”) produced a roadmap for decarbonising the energy sector. Their proposal called for a halt by 2021 to all new oil and gas projects and coal mines beyond those already committed. A clean energy future for all requires us to drastically reduce our fossil fuel reliance. We cannot afford a single new fossil fuel boiler in the state sector, so we’re asking our officials to place an immediate ban on new installations.

The health of our communities and climate are at risk! Our researchers have discovered that as recently as 3 years ago ministries had let new boilers be installed despite renewable energy alternatives being available. 

One school we talked to even said they’d requested heat pumps yet the Ministry of Education advocated for new gas boilers to be installed instead. In total, we discovered that 40 schools in the past 10 years switched to fossil fuel boilers rather than transitioning to renewables. 27 schools have transitioned from coal to oil or gas boilers and 16 schools were fitted with new fossil fuel boilers. Recent research findings showed similar occurrences in correctional facilities, including some prisons with double the average emissions per prisoner that your average person living in Aotearoa. This relies entirely on the government to initiate change. 

This is unacceptable. The planet is facing a climate crisis, the government has called a climate emergency and made a promise to decarbonise the state sector by 2025, yet we are seeing a continued push for fossil fuels to be utilised for heating, and not enough funding to decarbonise existing fossil fuel boilers.

We’re calling for an immediate ban! We know that banning new fossil fuel boilers being installed in the state sector is just a small action that the government can take, but it is one that symbolises a move towards a just transition away from fossil fuels. 

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Sign and share our petition before we hand it over to Green Party MP Jan Logie (Spokesperson for State Services) at parliament on April 22nd, Earth Day. 

Will you add your signature to support us in asking the government to take bold climate action now in banning new fossil fuel boiler installations in the state sector? 

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If you are in Pōneke (Wellington) on Earth Day, Friday the 22nd of April, we would love to have your support in handing over this petition. Join us at our event for Earth Day Action, at Midland Park at 12pm, and walk with us to parliament to deliver our petition and call for a stop to new coal, oil, and gas projects. Check out the Facebook event here.