On Friday we delivered a warning notice to Siemens’ Head Office in Auckland. Siemens is due to decide on whether to support the mega Adani coal mine in Queensland, Australia that would set our climate on a trajectory beyond the 1.5-degree limit we need to stay within. Any company that risks associating the disastrous Adani coal project must be met with protest. 

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Siemens NZ CEO Paul Ravlich receiving 350 Aotearoa's warning notice

Our action today joined many actions in Australia this week at Siemens’ offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, and at events hosted by them in Sydney. Hundreds of people like you and me have shown up to let Siemens know that we can’t let Adani’s coal mine go ahead, and we’ll do all that we can to stop it. Siemens is the only company left that can provide signalling systems for Adani’s railway to transport coal from the mine – so by publicly ruling out working with Adani – Siemens have the power to stop Adani.

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Siemens prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and plans to be carbon neutral by 2030. Any association with Adani would be in direct conflict with the values Siemens claims to work by and would damage Siemens’ brand as a responsible corporation. We have the opportunity to hold Siemens’ reputation on the line until it publicly rules out working with Adani.

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In the past weeks, our friends in Australia have been facing bush fires at an unprecedented scale. As temperatures rise and droughts ensue, the threat of more bush fires is likely. In the face of a climate-denying government, thousands of Australians have taken power into their own hands and stood up to any company that considers working with Adani. The Adani coal mine is a threat for our climate, indigenous land rights, and would use billions of litres of precious groundwater while the region is in the midst of a terrible drought.

An Australian I’ve never met before sent us a message on Friday to say thank you. They said that New Zealanders’ solidarity with the #StopAdani campaign gives them hope. As New Zealanders, we need to stand in solidarity with our Australian friends who have been fighting the mine project from every angle for years on end. It will take thousands of us coming together to show our power as citizens to win the fight against Adani, and every action we take can have an impact.

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