ANZ Bank has a bad track record for transparency. Lately, the bank has been under scrutiny from both the public and the Reserve Bank, for the mistreatment of staff, and fudging the now ex-CEO’s expenses. But what else is the bank covering up? Today we exposed the bank’s role in supporting one of the most deceitful and risk-laden industries of all time, the fossil fuel industry, with a make-over of one of its primetime advertisements. 

Watch and share ANZ’s new-and-improved video here:

Nearly three months ago, 350 Aotearoa campaigners paid a surprise visit to the Petroleum Club, interrupting the exclusive, invite-only meeting to expose ANZ as key sponsors. This quarterly event is hosted by the industry to promote the expansion of fossil fuels. The Petroleum Club meetings are kept in a shroud of secrecy, and ANZ gets away with its involvement as a not-so-proud sponsor. The industry’s need for secrecy is a testament to the hard work of our people-powered movement that is pushing for a clean energy future. Fossil fuels must stay in the ground, and any corporation that stands in the way of progress towards a safe climate future must be called out.

On the surface ANZ claims to be environmentally responsible and committed to climate action. But behind closed doors it’s propping up the industry most responsible for climate breakdown. 

With so many scandals remunerating among customers and officials, Sir John Key has promoted the bank’s values, vying for the people’s trust: 

“[David Hisco’s] departure demonstrates that when people do not do the right thing we hold them to account no matter their status or position in the organisation. This culture of strong values is one I, and the ANZ New Zealand board believe is important.”

Well John, we’re here to hold ANZ to account. It’s clear a bank that has created an architecture of deceit and denial around it’s association with the fossil fuel industry cannot be trusted. 

At 350 Aotearoa, we value a safe and just planet to live on, a clean energy future, and investment in the livelihoods of future generations and those most affected by climate breakdown. ANZ’s facade of empty climate policies to cover up its alliance with the fossil fuel industry is not something to be proud of.