We are very excited to update you on a small, but very significant, victory.

For the last few years,  ANZ sponsored the NZ Petroleum Summit, where oil giants and our government get together to make plans to drill for more oil and gas in NZ.

You signed a petition and an open letter to ANZ. You phoned them up to express your disapproval. You Protested with us. You joined in our ‘carbon bubble’ action where we filled their branch with helium ‘carbon bubble’ balloons or shared it on social media. You started conversations about it. And you won!

ANZ confirmed that they will not be sponsoring the NZ Oil Conference in Auckland this year!

anz-win-final copy

This victory doesn’t mean that ANZ have changed their dirty dealings with the fossil fuel industry (they still have $13.5 billion invested in fossil fuels). But it does meant that they’ve had to change their PR spin. Together we showed ANZ that financially associating with fossil fuels is no longer acceptable.

This victory has taken us one step closer to making our big banks go fossil free. It’s a clear sign that our movement is growing and our tactics are working. And we need your continued support to force the ‘big four’ banks (that have collectively loaned over $38.5 billion to the fossil fuel industry since 2008), to divest from fossil fuels.

  • We will be organising and supporting peaceful actions in May as part of the 350.org global Break Free wave of resistance to keep oil, coal, and gas in the ground.
  • Please send a letter or email to your bank and request that they go fossil free! They’re all ready to go here.

This is going to be a big year for climate action in NZ, we’re excited to work together and stoked to have you be a part of it!

Ngā Mihi,

The 350 Aotearoa Team