Three experts – business journalist Rod Oram, TEAR Fund CEO Ian McInnes and VUW climate scientist James Renwick – lay out facts and stories about climate change and its impacts, explaining how financial investments in fossil fuel industry are directly connected with wrecking the planet.

These videos were presented on 1st of September  meeting “Who Will Be a Neighbour to the Earth? | Why Kiwi Churches Shouldn’t Be Investing in the Fossil Fuel Industry” and were discussed by The Auckland Diocese of Anglican Church. On 7th of September, The Auckland Diocese became the first institutional body in New Zealand which has made an official decision to divest from fossil fuels.

Also, read the NZ Herald story on The Auckland Diocese of Anglican Church divestment.

Rod Oram from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.

“James Renwick – Earth’s climate system” from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.

Ian McInnes
 from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.