Dd_20130905_7360In September 2013, the New Zealand government announced its plans to stop public submissions on deep-sea oil and gas exploration permits. This followed another law change that criminalises certain aspects of protest at sea. Democracy in New Zealand is under threat. Our clean coastlines are under threat, and our chance for a prosperous future based on clean energy is under threat.

Government’s official background on the proposal

Government’s full proposal

We wanted to let the Government know that this is not how democracy works, and that the public has the right to speak out about deep-sea oil and gas exploration permits. In addition to calling on everyone to make an official submission about the law, we also organised a fun, creative and LOUD protest to let them know that if they try to silence us, we will only get louder! On 5 September, more than 70 people gathered at the steps of Parliament with tape across their mouths and signs and noisemakers in their hands.
As one of us put it – “Even if the Government tries to stop public submissions on deep sea oil drilling, we’ll still find a way to have a voice.”

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Submissions on the Government proposal to make exploratory oil and gas drilling non-notified closed on 25 September. Thanks to everyone who made a submission; we’ll aim to keep you updated on this process.
In the meantime, there are many ways that you can speak out about deep sea drilling, or learn more about why it is such a major threat to our climate and oceans. Check out news and upcoming events from others fighting against deep sea drilling:

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Dd_20130905_7418 Photo by Davis Drazdovskis