Imagine if this week, every teller in every Kiwibank branch in Aotearoa had someone come and chat to them about why they want Kiwibank to release a fossil free policy. Every one of those staff members would either respond with their current knowledge, or have to ask someone else at Kiwibank about its stance on fossil fuels, and when the policy is expected to be released. Together we can create a wave of support for Kiwibank to release a fossil free policy- hundreds of us started the wave with actions across Aotearoa last week, and we need you with us to reach every Kiwibank branch in the country!

Liz, a member of 350 Ōtepoti Dunedin in New Zealand, taking action at a local Kiwibank branch.

Since November, Kiwibank has been telling its customers and our 350 campaigners that it will release a fossil free policy that rules out ever investing in or lending to the companies that are most responsible for the climate crisis. The climate can’t wait–we need our banks to divest from fossil fuels today- so why are we still waiting? Join the action and together we can push this policy out the door!

Ask Kiwibank why we’re still waiting for a fossil free policy:

  1. Visit your local branch with a sign reading ‘waiting on a fossil free policy’. You can make one yourself or print one here.
  2. Take a photo inside or outside the bank (try to capture the Kiwibank logo) and send it to
  3. Ask to speak to the branch manager and ask why Kiwibank hasn’t announced its fossil free policy yet, and when you can expect it to be announced. Use this opportunity to chat to them about why you care about climate change, and why a fossil free policy is an essential step for Kiwibank to take.
  4. Share what you’re up to on social media and use the hashtag #FossilFreeBankNZ

Kiwibank responded to our waiting room actions last week by saying it had “developed a policy which would inform future decisions on the type of companies it invested in and how it combated climate change” but was unable to say when that would be released.

Kiwibank’s staff said “we need to make sure our people fully understand it and it’s embedded in our business.”

Let’s get the ball rolling for them. If Kiwibank’s staff are responding to queries about their fossil free policy at every branch across the country, it will have no choice but to support its staff with extra information about its current investment standards, and when the policy will be released. We’ll also be sending a clear message to Kiwibank’s CEO that a fossil free policy is a top priority for everyday New Zealanders across Aotearoa. 

350 Wellington visited their Manners Street branch to call for a fossil free policy.

The climate can’t wait for inaction! We need our banks to adopt ethical investment policies that cut off the financial and social ties that allow fossil fuel companies to continue to operate. Join the action by visiting your local branch and waiting with us for a fossil free policy. For inspiration from those who visited Kiwibank branches last week, check out some of our photo highlights on Facebook.

We know that our call for change is stronger when we act together. Together we can push this policy out the door!