Couple of week ago we had an amazing opportunity to run a “Training for Trainers” workshop for Climate Organizers together with Daniel Hunter (“Training for Change”, US). Daniel is a social change trainer and activist who helps different activist groups around the world – from US to Australia to Lebanon to Poland. We caught Daniel on film, asking him to share some thoughts on climate movement, social change and why we need more workshops like these. What he said really inspires us, and our hope is that it will inspire you, too.

In the middle of our conversation, Daniel said this beautiful thing that really resonated with me. He said – “I don’t want to be just this self righteous group of people who are right, but lonely. I would rather be a big group of people who are willing to have their hearts broken. And other people get to see us as the people who love more. I once met an activist in Serbia,and he said: “We think our movement will win because we love more.” So it is not just being those people who have a more horrific vision of what might happen, but we are the people who love more.”

Take a look at Daniel’s and “Training for change” websites, as well as the video about how our workshop itself went and what we did!

Daniel has also written a cool article, drawing from his experiences and conversations in New Zealand, about what do we do when we “lose”, and where to go from there.

Daniel Hunter interview for 350 Aotearoa from 350 AOTEAROA on Vimeo.