“Our senior kura had a visit from the awesome 350.org, and they shared some eye-opening new knowledge about clean energy and the endless possibilities of its role in a cleaner future.

350 is a huge global organization, and we were visited by some of their local representatives. We were shown their brand-new short film We Can Produce Our Own Power, and it sparked some interesting conversations about what we can do in our school and community to create a cleaner energy future. In the film, we saw what incredible work locations around Aotearoa were doing to generate clean energy.

The coolest part? Everything that took place in these locations, was solely driven by the community, from the first idea of being a more energy-sustainable place to carrying out the finalized project, these communities were on their feet, ready to make a change. The fact that 350 even thought to document this, is fantastic!

After the film, we split off into workshop groups, each led by a member of 350, and learned about the roles that they play in 350. We had the Activist, the Data Scientist, the Filmmaker, the Party CEO, and the Campaigner. I joined the Data Scientist group, and we talked about how we could minimize the advertisement for unsustainable food to be bought, and boost the opportunities for homegrown food to be bought. It was so cool to see and hear after the workshops all the ideas people had to create a cleaner future for our school. Solar panels, bicycle exchange, greenhouses, etc. I can’t wait for 350 to visit again and see all the incredible projects that will be underway.”

Reflection written by Farah (LC13)

A group of students are sitting listening to Alva (350 staff) run the workshop. A projection screen is behind her and Roshni is standing closeby. Roshni (350 Board) sits amongst a circle of a group of students. There are more students behind her standing (only their legs can be seen). Iara (350 staff) is standing talking in front of a group of students. Alva (350 staff) kneels down as she writes on some post-it notes. There are 7 students standing around her leaning against the wall. A group of post-it notes are placed on the ground.