In May 2018, co-founder of, Bill McKibben stopped by Aotearoa New Zealand on the first leg of his Fossil Free Acceleration Tour.  The tour sought to encourage and promote the incredibly powerful work that is happening worldwide in the Fossil Free movement.

Bill talked alongside local climate leaders Mahina-a-rangi Baker, Rosemary Penwarden, Teanau Tuiono, Erica Finnie and Karlo Mila at two speaking events in Wellington and Auckland. These events re-launched the Fossil Free movement presenting the 3 new demands (read more about those here).

Whilst in New Zealand, Bill also met with local climate leaders, ministers, union leaders, church leaders and business people to discuss the urgency of climate change and the prospect of a just and fast transition to 100% renewable energy.

Watch footage from the Fossil Free Acceleration Tour here:

Bill’s time in NZ

A collection of footage from Bill McKibben’s trip to New Zealand in May 2018 for the Fossil Free Acceleration Tour.

Karlo Mila

Speaking at the Fossil Free Acceleration Tour in Auckland (7th May 2018), Karlo Mila shared her poem “For the Commonwealth”.

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