350 Dunedin is heavily involved in the Dunedin community and the group enjoys doing its own work and collaborating with other groups.

In May this year, we did a protest as part of the Global Divestment Mobilisation that took place around the world.

Dunedin 2017 Never Going to Give You Up ANZ - Small

We made it clear to ANZ that because they haven’t given up on fossil fuels, we haven’t given up on them. We walked into the bank and did a flash mob style dance to Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’. As we danced, climbers dropped a big banner in front of the ANZ building saying, “ANZ Stop funding coal, oil and gas”. We then all wrote our personal reasons that we are taking climate action down on bright pieces of paper. We joined the paper together to create a big image with the words, “ANZ Give it up for us.” After a round of applause, we were done.

Watch the video of us telling ANZ that we won’t give up protesting until they give up fossil fuels!

In December 2016, we told both ANZ and Westpac that we were breaking up with them, as people closed their accounts and switched to more sustainable banks.

In September 2016, after a huge amount of campaign work by supporters and members of Fossil Free Otago, Otago University withdrew all investments in oil, gas and coal. We’re so proud and thankful for everyone who worked with us to achieve this win for the climate!