Since last week, 350 team has gotten bigger – we have Natalie from US on board, doing a 2 month internship as part of her environmental science studies. Though new to NZ, she is not new to global 350 community – she has done some 350 campaigning in her university.

This is what she tells about herself:

“I am a third-year university student from the United States. I originally hail from Seattle, Washington, but attend university at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have spent the past eight weeks traveling around New Zealand with fifteen other university students studying various environmental and cultural issues, and I will be interning at 350 Aotearoa for the next six weeks. When not in class or writing papers I enjoy playing Frisbee, hiking, reading, and biking. I am also a member of the fossil fuel divestment campaign at Macalester, and am therefore very excited to continue the fight against the fossil fuel industry here in New Zealand”

Cool! Welcome aboard, Natalie!