“The Climate Change Commission’s draft report to the government sets out achievable pathways for Aotearoa to take action on climate change and meet our emissions targets, but it misses the opportunity for transformational change to use our climate response to build a more just, equitable future for all of Aotearoa,” said Erica Finnie, 350 Aotearoa Co-Director.

The Climate Change Commission’s draft report aims to provide Aotearoa with a comprehensive strategy for tackling climate change. The report has a 6 week public consultation period up to 14 March, and will be finalised and released to the government in May.

“Now it’s up to all of us across all sectors of society to submit responses to the report to call on the Commission to step up its advice and send a clear message that there is strong support for climate action across Aotearoa,” said Finnie.

The Commission’s report echoes what tangata whenua, scientists, NGOs and not-for-profits have been saying for decades: “current government policies do not put Aotearoa on track to meet the Commission’s emissions budgets and the 2050 targets.” It also clearly states that New Zealand’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to meet the Paris Agreement does not contribute Aotearoa’s fair share to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. 

“The Commission is clear that our climate targets and policy are not up to scratch. This gives New Zealanders a clear mandate to call on the government to implement strong climate policies and regulations on our major emitters.”

The emissions budgets the Commission lays out would cut emissions across every sector in New Zealand. 350 Aotearoa supports the strong focus on reducing emissions from heating, industry, power generation and transport in the next 15 years, namely the Commission calling for the end use of coal in New Zealand and a managed phase out of oil and gas. “The Commission’s call for regulation banning new coal boilers is a fantastic first step, but its recommendations must go further to ensure that we rapidly phase out all fossil fuel use and transform our energy sector.”

Finnie said “The next 6 weeks will be vital in strengthening the Commission’s advice to the government to reflect the widespread support from people in New Zealand for transformational change to address the climate crisis and create a more equitable, low-carbon future for Aotearoa. Communities across Aotearoa must remember our power to push past the status-quo and demand bold policy change – together we’ve called on the government to ban oil and gas exploration, pass the Zero Carbon Act, establish the Climate Change Commission, and 170,000 of us joined school students to march for climate action. It’s up to all of us to set the strength of the Commission’s advice to the government by calling for bold and transformative climate action across all sectors of society.”


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