The ban to new offshore oil and gas exploration permits is going through to the select committee process. This is a historic moment, but it’s important we make it one we can be proud of for generations to come. You have one day left to submit to the environment committee before they make their decision.

Read 350 Aotearoa’s submission below and click here to submit.

Dear Environment Committee,

350 Aotearoa strongly support legislating an end to new petroleum prospecting, exploration and mining permits in offshore and onshore New Zealand. This is a necessary and urgent step in the effort to meet the pressing need to curb global temperatures to 1.5°C.

The New Zealand Government’s commitment to the Paris Agreement must be central to the decision making of this legislation. In doing so, the committee’s decision needs to be consistent with the climate science, and be accountable to those already facing the impacts of climate change.

The urgency for this legislation has never been greater. In order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the total future global emissions between now and the year 2100 must not exceed 120 GtCO2e. Yet, the known fossil fuel reserves, if burnt, would equate to between 23 and 45 times this limit. This calls for an absolute end to new fossil fuel projects, immediately.

350 Aotearoa call on the New Zealand Government to further strengthen the amendment to the Crowns Mineral Act:

  • 350 Aotearoa supports an Act which ensures no new petroleum prospecting, exploration or mining permits granted anywhere offshore or onshore in New Zealand.
  • 350 Aotearoa objects the current exemption for issuing new permits in onshore Taranaki, and request that the Act include no new petroleum prospecting, exploration or mining permits in onshore Taranaki.
  • 350 Aotearoa request that all existing petroleum prospecting and exploration permits be revoked.
  • 350 Aotearoa object the granting of extensions to existing permits, and request that the Act include a secure cut-off point for existing permits.

350 Aotearoa recommend, in addition to this amendment, that the government proceed with a complete review of the Crowns Mineral Act, which meets the expectations of the Paris Agreement, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and those presently living on the frontlines of climate change. This would include an end to new coal mining permits, and the repeal of the ‘Anadarko Amendment’ (Section 101A-C of the Act), so that the Act aligns with the democratic rights of freedom of expression and peaceful protest.

350 Aotearoa believe the New Zealand Government have the tools, and public support to be a world leader in the transition to 100% renewable energy. It will require systemic change at a pace never seen before, but it is technically feasible, economically sound and we have the foresight needed to make sure that it is a just and equitable transition.