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Climate Justice and the TPPA

The people speak out Last Thursday, over 2000 people set up blockades around Auckland Central to protest the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, shutting down traffic in the area. Later that day, 15,000 people marched in the streets and joined the blockade in front of the Grand Hotel, where the deal was being (More...)


First, Look Within: The Pros and Cons of Individual Action

Social change requires movements. We each bring our uniqueness to the table, but we are stronger together. Individual action When you think about creating social change, what strategy comes to mind first? For a lot of people, responsibility for change lies with the individual. A society is made up of individuals, after all, so it (More...)


What is Climate Justice?

Climate change has been a topical issue for decades now, however “climate justice” is a relatively new concept. So what is it and how is it different from other environmental movements? Climate change as an ethical, political issue In the early 1980s in the United States, a new movement grew out of multiple protests and (More...)


The Road Towards Full Divestment for Otago

By Aoife Hutton   GOOD NEWS. We’re halfway there. The road towards full Divestment for Otago At the end of July this year, staff and students welcomed the University of Otago Foundation Trust’s decision to divest from fossil fuel exploration and extraction. This is a very significant step. It adds Otago to the growing list (More...)


The Government is Consulting: Let Us Be Heard!

This week the Government is hosting consultations on how ambitious New Zealand’s emission reduction targets should be in preparation of the upcoming United Nations climate negotiations in Paris later this year. This is an important moment to have your voice heard, and to let them know that we are ready for ambitious targets and a robust (More...)


In July, the world will listen to New Zealand: #TalkClimate

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility In July, New Zealand will become chair of the UN Security Council. We’re calling on Prime Minister John Key & Minister Murray McCully to put climate change on the agenda: Sign the petition and let’s #talkclimate! In October 2014, New Zealand was elected to a two-year term on the Security (More...)