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Meet the volunteers: three 350 Aotearoa members from around NZ

Behind any strong movement is a strong team of people that upholds it. At 350 Aotearoa, our volunteers are our lifeline; they give a voice to our environment by driving actions with the passion and assertiveness needed toward building a better, cleaner future. We often get caught up in the cause – the excitement of the actions, (More...)

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Exposing the greenwashing in banking

How do corporations cope with the opposing pressures of profit and social responsibility? We’re all familiar with the pressure that corporations face to make a profit – they are legally bound to provide a return for their shareholders. But nowadays, businesses face other pressures from grassroots organisations and society as a whole: They must be (More...)


Organisations Challenge NZ Super Fund – Open Letter

  Open Letter to the New Zealand Super Fund 26 October 2016 Dear Mr Orr,   As the CEO of NZ Super Fund, we realise that you are concerned with providing a secure future for New Zealanders to retire into, and must endeavour to serve our best interests. For this reason, we are pleased that (More...)

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NZ Super Fund’s Climate Standards “Underwhelming” – Press release

19th October, 2016   350 Aotearoa has called the NZ Super Fund’s climate focused investment standards that were announced today “underwhelming” due to a lack of clarity around the guidelines and their timeframes. “These guidelines lack transparency regarding what actions will be taken, have no clear timeframe, and we have no way of knowing the (More...)


New insights from the Fossil Free Fellowship

Fossil Free campaigner Erica shares insights about developing the skills to run an effective campaign. By Erica Finnie I’ve just spent a week on the fringe of the Dandenong Ranges National Park in Belgrave, Victoria with some of Australia’s most inspiring campus activists. This was the second training retreat as part of Australia’s Fossil (More...)


Otago University divestment – How it happened

Divestment campaigner Charlie Montague outlines how the Fossil Free Otago Uni campaign was won. By Charlie Montague In June we felt like our campaign had hit a brick wall. We’d been trying to achieve divestment for three years, our energy was running low, and honestly as a group we doubted getting a divestment statement from (More...)


Fossil Free Fellowship: Erica’s experience

Three members of Fossil Free university groups in New Zealand went to a training for students involved in divestment campaigns. This was the experience of Erica from Fossil Free University of Auckland. By Erica Finnie In July, Charlie, Jess and I travelled to Sydney to take part in the first training workshop for the 6 (More...)