Invest in Divestment

Fossil fuel banks proposal

There’s no doubt now that the fossil fuel divestment campaign is having some serious bite. Last weekend, thousands of individuals, investors, institutions and even the UK Parliament* took part in Global Divestment Day. Our challenge is vast and urgent: To limit warming to no more than 2 degrees, at least 80% of known fossil fuel reserves […]


We are switching from Westpac this week!

Don't want Westpac investing your money in new coal mining? - April 7-12 - Make the switch to a bank that is fossil free.

This week, people around New Zealand are saying to Westpac in the most concrete way – “It’s me or Bathurst Resources. You wouldn’t call in your loan to them, so I’m switching banks.”


New Video: “We are the people who love more”


Couple of week ago we had an amazing opportunity to run a “Training for Trainers” workshop for Climate Organizers together with Daniel Hunter. Daniel is a social change trainer and activist who helps different activist groups around the world – from US to Australia to Lebanon to Poland. We caught Daniel on film, asking him to share some thoughts on climate movement, social change and why we need more workshops like these. What he said really inspires us, and our hope is that it will inspire you, too.


This is why Lynne is switching from Westpac – video


We met up with Lynne couple of weeks ago to have a chat about why she is switching from Westpac. She is one of the over 100 people in New Zealand who are moving their money to another bank, telling to Westpac: “If you are still investing our moeny in dirty fossil fuel projects, we don’t want you to be our bank”. Watch this video to hear more.


Call to dump Westpac for funding Denniston coal mine

Westpacswitch web 1

The campaign against Westpac bank’s financial interest in mining on the Denniston Plateau stepped up a notch today when Coal Action Network Aotearoa and we launched our “Make The Switch” campaign encouraging people to dump their Westpac bank accounts.


Climate change on Twitter

Twitter 350

„Tweet, tweet!” Quite often we find out the latest climate-related events on Twitter. Weather you want hear what’s going on in New Zealand or follow climate change news on a more global scale, Twitter will know it first. The key is to follow the right people.