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This week, global technology company Siemens is deciding whether it will provide the signalling systems to Adani’s rail network to transport coal from the mine.

We can’t let Adani’s coal mine go ahead. It would release 4.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into our precious atmosphere, threatening to push us over the 1.5 degree warming limit called for by scientists.

No company wants to risk its reputation by being associated with the Adani project. Thousands of people have come together and pushed over 60 global corporations to rule out working with Adani. It’s time to add Siemens to the list.

Call on Siemens’ Australia and NZ CEO, @JeffConnolly, to rule out Adani

We have the power to derail Adani’s plan to dig and burn its dirty coal. It will take hundreds of us contacting Siemens to have a big impact. Will you join our power?

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The only signal @Siemens should give Adani is a red light. @JoeKaeser will you show climate leadership and rule out working with Adani? #StopAdani
Warning! Climate risk ahead! @JoeKaeser will you publicly confirm that @Siemens will rule out helping Adani's destructive Carmichael coal mine and rail project?
Don’t work on Adani’s Carmichael coal project @Siemens! There is no place for coal in a sustainable, low-carbon future. #StopAdani @JoeKaeser @SabrinaSoussan @JeffRConnolly