Divestment from fossil fuels

More and more institutions, researchers and globally recognised finance and investment authorities, including HSBC and S&P, are talking about the risks of fossil fuel investments. 

Their arguments build a convincing and strong financial case for divesting from the fossil fuel industry.

Not just talk – globally, Norwegian pension provider Storebrand and Dutch Rabobank made headlines in 2013 with divestment announcements, while the World Bank, the US and UK Governments and 5 Nordic countries also announced plans to phase out their investment in new coal plants.  As awareness is spreading rapidly, at the start of 2014 a group of 17 foundations, controlling $1.8 billion in investments committed to divest.

An increasing number of cities, universities, churches and other institutions, including 5 dioceses of the Anglican Church in New Zealand, have also made commitments to divest.


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