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2018: A year in review

2018 has been another huge year of climate action where it feels our Fossil Free movement is in full swing and accelerating! We wanted to share a some of those key moments here.

Climate groups protest ANZ as “roadblock to real climate action” in light of IPCC 1.5°C report

The IPCC report makes the science clear: immediate action is needed to stay below 1.5 degrees if warming. Anyone who continues to support new fossil fuel projects is knowingly contributing to untold suffering and devastation across the world. Banks hold significant power in propping up the fossil fuel industry’s business as usual by financing their operations. Of New Zealand’s banks, ANZ are the biggest funder of of new expansionary fossil fuel projects. Despite publicly championing the Paris Climate Agreement, since 2015 ANZ bank have loaned over $7 billion dollars to fossil fuel projects. It’s time for ANZ to cut its ties with the fossil fuel industry and stop funding climate change.

350 Aotearoa Submission: Ban to end new oil and gas permits

The ban to new offshore oil and gas exploration permits is going through to the select committee process. This is a historic moment, but it’s important we make it one we can be proud of for generations to come. You have one day left to submit to the environment committee before they make their decision.