Since we started back in 2008, there have been many projects, events, campaigns and stories we have been involved in. Here are just the  bigger ones – we have plenty of enthusiasm and passion to keep going, and we’ll be doing even more in the coming years.


Climate Voter 

September 2014
Leading up to the 2014 election, an alliance of environmental and climate organisations formed the Climate Voter initiative. A platform that allowed Kiwis to stand up and use the democratic vote to demand the Government take real action on climate change. Tens of thousands of Climate Voters signed up to show that the New Zealand people want an end to fossil fuels and a strengthening of renewable alternatives into the future. 350 Aotearoa organised this non-partisan initiative with our friends at Forest & Bird, Generation Zero, Greenpeace, Oxfam NZ and WWF.

Westpac Dump Denniston Coal LogoWestpac – Dump Denniston Coal 

April 2014
In early 2014 Bathurst Resources sought approval to replace the spectacular Denniston Plateau with an open cast coal mine. Westpac is one of the key sponsors of the project and as a result many of the bank’s customers have made the switch to other banks in protest. Tackling institutions that continue to finance fossil fuel projects continues to be at the core of 350 Aotearoa’s work. If you’d like to join the most rapid divestment movement in history and take your money out of the fossil fuel industry, the time is now. Join the Fossil Free movement. 

_DSC5840Training for Trainers’ workshop for Climate Organizers 

March 2014
We had an wesome chance to run a ‘Training for Trainers’ workshop for Climate Organizers with Daniel Hunter from Training for Change USA, in Wellington on March 7-9. It was such an inspiring time together with 30 climate activists from all over New Zealand -> our hope is that these three days will strengthen the climate movement in Aotearoa and create new opportunities for working together.
Pictures from the training are here on our Facebook page!

Dd_20130613_3123_16-9Bill McKibben’s “Do The Maths” tour in New Zealand

June 2013
Bill McKibben did three amazing “Do The Maths” talks in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin, explaining to hundreds of enthusiastic kiwis the dangerous climate change maths and what should be done about it. See Bill’s talk here, or watch “Do The Maths” movie hereSee pictures from Bill’s talk in Wellington.


Power Shift NZ-Pacific 2012Power_Shift_Logo-Horizonal_Small

December 2012
In December, 350 Aotearoa along with our friends from Generation Zero, ran the BIGGEST youth climate summit New Zealand has ever seen! This was a 3-day youth summit with inspiring speakers, workshops and actions with over 700 young people from around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in attendance. See how it went on Powershift NZ – Pacific Facebook page.



“One Day on Earth” Screening

October 2012
We got 90 people together for a NZ premiere of “One Day on Earth,” a documentary filmed across the world on 10/10/10, a global day of action. The funds raised from the screening went towards Power Shift and other 350 Aotearoa projects.



Two Bucket Challenge for Tuvalu

October 2012
Tuvalu and Tokelau entered into States of Emergency in October 2012. With severe water rations of 40 litres per day per household of 6-9 people, basic water needs are only just being met. 350 Aotearoa launched a solidarity act to support those in Tuvalu, particularly our friends at 350 Pacific.


Connect-the-Dots-LogoConnect The Dots – Global Day of Action

May 2012
On 5/5/12, people around the world volunteered, documented, educated, and protested. We connected the dots — and we’re just getting started. Check out the slideshow at and take a look on pictures from our action in Auckland.

Climate Leadership Workshops

February 2012, May 2011
We ran two 4-day workshops in Wellington, where we trained regional co-ordinators to lead local groups. We’re also looking for other people to join us too. Find out more at and see pictures from the workshop here.


petitionDon’t be a Fossil Fool – Petition

Early 2012
As part of Moving Planet, 350 Aotearoa and Generation Zero launched a petition calling on our leaders (MP’s and Council) to move us away from fossil fuels through a series of actions. You can still sign the petition online


RadiowaveDurban COP17 – Radiowave

December 2011
Radiowave was a campaign developed for the COP17 climate talks in Durban. African musicians created a new song, titled “People Power,” that tells the truth about how much climate change is affecting Africa and our world and calls us to action. Throughout NZ we organised radio interviews to get this song out and to talk about the 350 climate movement here in Aotearoa.


SBN-awardSocial Innovation Winners – SBN awards

November 2011
In late 2011, 350 Aotearoa received the social innovation award from the Sustainable Business Network for our work in engaging NZ and Pacific communities on the issue of climate change. Read more here.


mp-dateMoving Planet – Global Day of Action

September 2011
Moving Planet was a worldwide day of action to move beyond fossil fuels, with over 2000 events held in more than 175 countries on September 24th 2011. Here in New Zealand 350 Aotearoa led over 35 events, including large gatherings in the main centers. See the video with Moving Planet worldwide and take a look on what happened in New Zealand.



James Hansen visit

May 2011
Dr. James Hansen, the scientist behind the number 350 and one of the world’s most prominent and influential climate scientists, came to New Zealand in May 2011.  Inspired by New Zealand’s youth, especially those from a 350 Aotearoa Youth Leadership Workshop, James Hansen wrote a letter to John Key informing him of the latest science in climate change (read his letter here). He also sent John Key a report he had written called “Case for Young People and Nature”Take a look at the video where we talk with Dr.Hansen.



Pasifika Youth Climate Leadership Workshop

Global ran the Pasifika Climate Leaders workshop in Fiji in June, and took a team of young Pacific people living in New Zealand to participate. The participants returned to New Zealand keen to raise awareness about climate change in New Zealand Pacific communities through events and initiatives.

Solar_hot_water_image_2Solarsaver Project

Developed and piloted by Nelson City Council in 2010, the Solar Saver programme was highly successful in its first year. 350 Aotearoa and the Nelson Environment Centre decided to spread the word about the programme framework nationwide, encouraging 25 more councils to start up Solar Saver in their area and help local households harness the power of the sun. Read more here