We’re calling on the Mayors of the cities of New Zealand to  show leadership on climate change and sign on to the statement below, publicly stating their opposition to their cities hosting any future Petroleum New Zealand Conferences, and refusing the conference event access to Council-run venues.


As Mayors of Aotearoa New Zealand, we stand by our commitment to act to protect our climate, and our responsibility to our constituents to uphold the integrity of our city. We believe that the Petroleum New Zealand Conference violates these commitments.

When the science is clear that we must leave  new fossil fuels in the ground, and our government has stated that climate change is our “generation’s nuclear-free moment”, it is inappropriate for our city to be hosting an event geared towards the expansion of the fossil fuel industry. The Petroleum New Zealand Conference goes against our the values of our city,  which put our communities first.

Keynote addresses at the conference include speakers from Exxon Mobil, a corporation known for actively setting climate policy back by promoting climate denial for decades, and from Halliburton, a corporation with a highly controversial environmental and human rights track record. These are not the kinds of corporate citizens that our cities wish to endorse.

We stand in the tradition of the New Zealand mayors of previous generations who stood on the right side of history against nuclear war ships in Aotearoa. We stand against the Petroleum New Zealand Conference being held in our cities, and deem it inappropriate for any council-run venues to be used to host this event.