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350 Aotearoa’s work is currently focused on decreasing fossil fuel projects, and fossil fuel divestment – in other words, getting institutions to withdraw their investments from coal, oil and gas companies. The purpose of divestment is to remove the social licence from the fossil fuel industry. Once fossil fuels are viewed by society as just as immoral as tobacco, munitions, and pornography, the industry’s power will decrease significantly. Full removal of social licence, as happened with the South African Apartheid divestment movement, would mean a safer climate future for all.

In order for an institution to be officially Fossil Free, they must fulfill two criteria:

  1. Remove all investments in fossil fuel extraction companies within the next three years.
  2. Commit to no future investment in fossil fuels.

The fossil fuel project that we’re currently trying to stop is the Adani Carmichael coal mine, which will be one of the biggest coal mines in the world if it goes ahead. We have successfully gotten Westpac to refuse to fund the mine, but the Australian government still supports it. Get involved in pressuring the Australian government to pull its support from this devastating mine!

Current divestment campaigns include:

New Zealand Superannuation Fund

NZ Super Fund divestment would pave the way for many KiwiSaver schemes to divest as well. Sign the petition to get NZ Super Fund to divest from fossil fuels!


Currently, the divestment of many KiwiSaver schemes relies on NZ Super Fund’s divestment. There are already a few KiwiSaver funds that have divested – let’s make it all of them!

Fossil Free Universities

Victoria University of Wellington and Otago University have already divested, and the University of Canterbury has partially divested. We want University of Canterbury to fully divest and University of Auckland to follow suit.

Sign the petitions here:

University of Auckland

University of Canterbury

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