Some of you have already noticed – since May there are two more people on 350 Aotearoa staff. Two Latvians (Latvia is a far far away land in Europe) – Davis and Madara – have come to work for us for a year, and will be around to help out with whatever comes up. 

Davis is, as he likes to say himself, a „half-baked” biologist and an experienced ornithologist with a great passion for nature photography and videography. Has been working in the field of visual media in a film studio for several past years, as well as done field research in numerous nature protection and conservation projects in Europe. Likes to share his observations and findings on his photo blog. Irretrievable coffee lover with a click for remote and far-out places.

Madara is a non-profit organization professional, for the past three years has been developing and coordinating different environmental, climate and youth projects together with society “homo ecos:” and association „NEXT”, as well as consulting and helping other NGO’s in Latvia. Her main fields of interest are climate change and environmental communication, non-formal education, and hands-on outdoor activities as an integrated part of personal development. Christmas freak, sings to herself.

Throught their year with 350, they are sharing their experiences, discoveries and observations on their blog . On this photo blog, they are going to post one picture a day of whatever they come across – people, places, stories, events, things, facts, songs and hopefully so much more. 350 pictures in 350 days, all somehow related to climate change and what they do here. Make sure you check it out & press “like” (: