Most New Zealanders don’t realise our hard-earned savings are being invested in the world’s biggest polluters. Here’s what you can do.

Tell Hon Kris Faafoi and Hon Grant Robertson to get our Kiwisavers out of fossil fuels!


👇 Ways to increase the pressure 👇

Let’s take our pressure to Twitter

We know that Hon Grant Robertson and Hon Kris Faafoi are taking the proposed changes our Kiwisavers to Cabinet any day now, so let’s make sure our call for Fossil Free Kiwisavers is top of their minds!

Any changes to our Kiwisavers need to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis, and guarantee New Zealanders that our savings won’t be financing coal, oil & gas companies that are causing climate breakdown.

Tap or click to tweet one of these sample tweets – or write your own! Remember to use #FossilFreeKiwisaver

No New Zealander should unknowingly fund the climate crisis, @grantrobertson1 @KrisinMana get our Kiwisavers out of fossil fuels!

We need you to guarantee our Kiwisavers will never invest in fossil fuels. The climate crisis won’t wait and neither will we @grantrobertson1 @KrisinMana

Put our money where your mouth is @grantrobertson1 @KrisinMana make our Kiwisavers fossil free!

In 2020 we need Kiwisavers that reflect the urgency of the climate crisis, @grantrobertson1 @KrisinMana will you get our savings out of fossil fuels?

Go ahead and tweet several times – every tweet helps increase the pressure!

Don’t have Twitter?
Send our Ministers a personal email

Our 350 Aotearoa community overwhelmed the submission process for the Kiwisaver review, and over 1300 of us have signed the letter to Hon Kris Faafoi and Hon Grant Robertson calling for them to get our Kiwisavers out of fossil fuels.

But our Ministers are yet to respond to any of our letters, or our requests to meet with them to discuss our submissions. In the final days before they announce a decision, let’s make sure the Kiwisaver review reflects the urgency of the climate crisis and sets a standard for all default funds to go fossil free.

Step 1:

Choose an MP to write to:
Hon Kris Faafoi, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, MP for Mana

Hon Grant Roberston, Minister of Finance, MP for Wellington Central

Step 2:

Let our leaders know why you think our Kiwisaver funds should be fossil free. If you’re in Wellington on Porirua, you could also ask for a meeting with them. Here are some ideas to get you started, but do add your own personal message.

New Zealanders care about climate change and want to find meaningful ways to take action. 

Most of us have limited time and access to information about KiwiSaver investments and I had expected that these investments were being made responsibly. Without mandatory exclusions of fossil fuels, most of us are financing the climate crisis.

As our elected leader you can make the call to transform our economy so that our savings go towards building community resilience, renewable energy, and providing meaningful jobs for everyone. 

Why take action?

Any day now, Cabinet is meeting to review the standards of Kiwisaver schemes in Aotearoa. Our KiwiSaver funds are currently acting as a direct link between us and the fossil fuel companies, the industry most responsible for climate change. Over $1.15 billion of KiwiSaver money is invested in companies involved in fossil fuel extraction and production. This is our chance to make some noise and tell Hon Grant Robertson and Hon Kris Faafoi to get our Kiwisavers out of fossil fuels.

Read more about this campaign here.
Read 350 Aotearoa’s submission on the default Kiwisaver review here.

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