New Zealand institutions – successful divestment

350 Aotearoa has been working on pressuring institutions in New Zealand to divest for a few years now. We have already seen success in Aotearoa!


City Councils

City of Auckland – Full Divestment.

City of Dunedin – Full Divestment.

City of Christchurch – Partial Divestment.



University of Canterbury – Partial Divestment.

University of Otago Foundation Trust – Full Divestment.

Victoria University of Wellington – Full Divestment.



New Zealand Tertiary Education Union – Full Divestment.


Religious Institutions

Anglican Church of Aotearoa – Full Divestment.

  • Anglican Diocese of Auckland
  • Anglican Diocese of Dunedin
  • Anglican Diocese of Waiapu
  • Anglican Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki
  • Anglican Diocese of Wellington

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