Climate Action Now

Divesting – our money as a force for good

Brave people have stopped coal trains, camped on land about to be mined and boarded oil rigs. But ultimately any one coal or oil company can’t afford to take any notice of them.

So the next step is: Follow the Money! These destructive sunset industries still operate because they’re funded by banks, super funds and other big investors like universities. has a successful worldwide campaign running to persuade funders to divest funds out of fossils and re-invest in renewable energy, to have any chance of averting climate chaos.

We’re working with 350 Aotearoa to research banks and investment funds that support fossil fuels extraction. After this initial research phase, we will develop our next campaign.


100% renewable – lobbying local government

In 2015 we had good success in persuading Christchurch City Council to adopt a 100% renewable energy policy.

In 2016 the Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury voted to oppose deep sea oil drilling off the Canterbury coast.

Now we’re in the planning stages of a direct campaign to local bodies and local body councilors to compel them to reduce their carbon output in a variety of ways.


Community outreach

We host regular public film and speaker nights, normally on the 3rd Friday of each month at the WEA in Christchurch. If you’d like to get involved with 350 Christchurch, come along to one of these events.

A group of our members are very active in writing letters (to the editor or MPs) about climate change topics as they come up in the news, aiming to educate about the urgency and importance of taking action.


Supporting other groups

Fonterra Quit Coal
We support Coal Action Network Aotearoa in promoting a just transition away from the mining and use of coal in New Zealand.

Hands Across the Sand 2016We support Oil Free Otautahi’s lively events to protest the continued selling of drilling permits to oil companies for risky deep sea drilling off our coast.

We support It’s Our Future in protesting dangerous trade deals that would prevent New Zealand from passing laws to protect the environment and combat climate change.

We support Greenpeace, in particular their work on reducing agricultural emissions.

We support Our Climate Declaration, and encourage everyone to sign up to this.

We support Generation Zero and the Zero Carbon Act.