We’ve started switching banks!

Hundreds of people across New Zealand have begun to move their money out of ANZ and Westpac, since the banks still invest in fossil fuels.

Follow the steps below to switch banks!

  1. Choose which bank to switch to, using the Bank Switch Table below
  2. Go to a branch of the bank that you choose and open an account
  3. Go to your local ANZ/Westpac and close your account! Be sure to tell them why you’re doing it
  4. Spread the word on social media
    • If you can, get a picture of you cutting up your bank card. This picture can be used on social media
    • On Twitter, tweet @ANZ_NZ or @WestpacNZ why you’re closing your account, and use the hashtag #BankBreakUp
    • On Facebook, make a post and tag @ANZ New Zealand or @Westpac NZ, stating why you’re closing your account with the same hashtag #BankBreakUp
    • If you couldn’t cut a bank card, don’t worry! Follow the previous two steps without a picture


More info: Ethical KiwiSaver Appendix 2018 (pdf)

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