Switch banks!

Hundreds of people across New Zealand have moved their money out of banks that continue to invest in fossil fuels.

Follow the steps below to switch banks! For more detailed information about switching banks, check out this guide from our friends at Market Forces.

  1. Choose which bank to switch to, using the Rank the Banks table below
  2. Give your bank the ultimatum. Tell the bank your concerns in their investment in fossil fuels and let them know you’ll be switching to a better option (one that does not invest in fossil fuels) and be sure to tell them why you’re doing it.
  3. When opening your new account at your new bank, make sure to tell them why you changed AND specify the steps your new bank needs to take to be Fossil Free i.e. implementing ethical lending and investment policies which exclude fossil fuels.
  4. Share your story: Spread the word on social media about your journey of switching banks.

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That’s the short and sweet version. For more information download our full 2018 Report ‘Bankrolling the climate crisis’ here