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Niamh O’Flynn
Executive Director

Niamh has been involved in campaigning on environmental issues in Aotearoa since 2008 (and has been in NZ long enough to call it home).  She recently returned from overseas to take up the Executive Director role for 350 Aotearoa.  After living in Dunedin for many years, she is excited about living and campaigning in Auckland, and the weather that comes with it!  Her main passions are climate justice, and a fair transition to a low carbon society, and she believes that 350 Aotearoa can achieve
huge steps in these areas. 

Erica Finnie with Bill McKibben May 2018

Erica Finnie
Interim Executive Director

Erica has been involved with 350 since the very beginning when we first launched (and she was 14 years old!), she led the divestment campaign at University of Auckland, and more recently has been working with 350 Auckland. Many of you may have seen her speaking alongside Bill McKibben at his Fossil Free Acceleration Tour here in May 2018.

Erica’s passion for climate justice guided her tertiary study, and she recently completed a Masters thesis that highlighted the resilience of Pacific people in the face of climate change. Erica believes that grassroots movements and the power of everyday people are vital to overthrowing systems of oppression and creating a fairer, and safer future for people and planet. 


Claudia PalmerClaudia Palmer
Mobilisation and Campaigns Manager  

Claudia has been involved with 350 Aotearoa for several years, and was a key member of 350 Dunedin, and the Otago University divestment campaign. Claudia stepped in to coordinate Bill McKibben’s Fossil Free Acceleration Tour in 2018. Her role is to make our grassroots Fossil Free movement stronger than ever!

Claudia is a recent graduate from University of Otago with a degree in Social Anthropology.  She is passionate about sharing the lived experiences of everyday people, and empowering communities to make the systemic change needed for a safe climate and a just world. She believes the most effective and meaningful change we can make is at the local level. 



Aaron June 2013Aaron Packard
Co-founder of 350 Aotearoa and Board Chairperson

Aaron helped co-found 350 Aotearoa in 2008 to join the global  movement.  He hails from Wellington  where he now works as the Climate Impacts Coordinator for, after living in Australia and the Pacific as the Regional Coordinator. 
@AaronPackard on Twitter


Amanda Larsson
Board Member

Amanda is a climate campaigner with her roots in the UK environment movement.  Before moving to Aotearoa, she led WWF-UK’s climate campaign, where she played a central part in organising the London People’s Climate March.  She’s been involved in responsible investment activism since 2010, when she began pushing her employer to move staff pensions out of unethical funds.  Amanda loves tramping, cycling and cups of tea.  She’s surprisingly rubbish at throwing things and reading instructions.
@ecomanda on Twitter

216119_5505586419_7338_nMatheson Russell
Board Member

Dr Matheson Russell is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Auckland. His areas of research are 20th century German philosophy and contemporary political philosophy. He is married to a paediatrician and is actively involved in the Anglican Church.



Barry with Microphone at TPPA rallyBarry Coates
Board Member
Barry has campaigned on climate change with allies globally, in the Pacific and in New Zealand. He was head of Global Justice Now! and Oxfam New Zealand, and a Green Party list MP in 2016-17. He is an economist with a Masters from Yale University. He has started God Money, a new social enterprise on promoting responsible investment, and is aiming to subvert the world of finance.




TTe Tui Shortland
Board Member

Tui has over ten years’ experience working with Indigenous authorities in environmental management. She specializes in traditional knowledge of forests, inland waterways and coastal biodiversity, establishing stakeholder and community collectives for catchment management, environmental policy and indicators for monitoring programs. She is currently project manager of the cultural indicator community pilot programme of the kauri dieback management programme. Tui is the Director of Te Kopu, Pacific Indigenous and Local Knowledge Centre of Distinction based in Whangarei, where she works to ensure that Indigenous knowledge informs global biodiversity decisions by hosting regional meetings, supporting Indigenous research development and embedding traditional knowledge in global, regional and national institutions including in the UNFCCC, UNCBD & IPBES particularly.