Globally, New Zealanders are renowned for their generosity. With more than 27,000 registered charities in Aotearoa, there are more charitable organisations here (per capita) than most places in the world! And, despite the fact that most donations in our country are eligible for a 33% donation rebate from Inland Revenue (IRD), a whopping 3 in 5 people in Aotearoa simply don’t do it.  

What if the $1B of donation rebates that are sitting unclaimed from the IRD were put to good ues? Just imagine the extra impact 350 Aotearoa could have with a portion of those funds.

With Supergenerous, it’s never been easier! 

This month, we’re announcing our partnership with the New Zealand social enterprise Supergenerous, which will give our donors the ability to be even more generous by claiming and re-gifting their unclaimed donation rebates. 

“We are proud to partner with Supergenerous, who aim to transform the impact of generosity in New Zealand. Gaining access to unclaimed donation rebates will help us further our mission of growing a grassroots climate movement that stands up to the fossil fuel industry”, said Alva Feldmeier. 

Supergenerous donors have already re-gifted more than $316,000 to organisations across Aotearoa, and that number is growing every month. 

Have you signed up for Supergenerous? 

In under 5 minutes, you can join thousands of people who have signed up for Supergenerous. Their online platform makes it easy to claim and re-gift your donation rebates. And, Supergenerous does all the hard work by collecting all of your donation receipts (even school donations!) and making the claim with Inland Revenue on your behalf, year after year.

Still got questions? Visit their website: www.supergenerous.co.nz

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