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Press Release – Ratification Can’t Replace Real Action on Climate Change

PRESS RELEASE 17 August, 2016 Ratification Can’t Replace Real Action on Climate Change Three-Fifty Aotearoa is sceptical that New Zealand’s ratification of the Paris Agreement by the end of the year will create any positive change for the climate. New Zealand’s commitment to the Paris Agreement is to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions to 30% (More...)


“It’s time” says 350 Aotearoa

By Ami Dhabuwala 350 Aotearoa has recently launched their “It’s Time to Divest” campaign, which is giving two banks – ANZ and Wetpac – until November 25th to withdraw all of their investments and loans to fossil fuel companies. ANZ and Westpac together have almost $20 billion invested in fossil fuels. They are two of the (More...)


Auckland Council’s irresponsible investments in fossil fuels

PRESS RELEASE August 2, 2016 Contact: Sandy Hildebrandt,   Auckland Council is currently investing tens of millions of dollars in fossil fuel companies like Exxon and Anadarko, despite its commitment to being a world leader on climate change. Auckland is part of the C40 group of cities and has pledged to cut greenhouse gas (More...)


Break Free New Zealand and nonviolent protest

Break Free is the legacy of decades of nonviolent resistance. Protests against ANZ Over the past fortnight, some exciting events took place in the name of climate justice. All over the world, people peacefully protested and blockaded coal, oil and gas projects. As part of the global Break Free 2016 campaign, New Zealand took part (More...)


Beach party!! …In a bank?

Today I went to a beach party. We had a great time, we dressed up, and we danced. Then we left – after five minutes. Why? Because this party was in a bank. We were protesting ANZ’s massive investments in fossil fuels, and the impact that will have on our future. Our message to ANZ (More...)

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I want to Break Free!

People are into shit. People like all sorts of weird stuff. I know 30 year-olds who still love the computer game Worms. Metal-detectors are making a come-back. Geo-tagging exists. I have a mate who writes fan-fiction to obscure renaissance artists for goodness sake (ok, that one was me). Right, so we have really diverse interests. That (More...)


Direct action vs. fossil fuel interests

Last week’s successful protest at the Petroleum Conference is proof that we can make a difference. Let’s keep the momentum going! Taking action for the climate Last week, hundreds of protesters blocked the entrances to the New Zealand Oil Conference in Auckland. As the oil industry and the government came to discuss New Zealand’s dirty energy (More...)

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