Update: WE WON!!

Otago University has officially divested from fossil fuels! Read more here.


Our Otago University group is part of the Fossil Free Universities campaign.

The University of Otago currently has investments in fossil fuels, despite commitments to “contributing to the National fossi-free-otago-uniGood and International Progress” while being “a national exemplar in corporate, social and environmental sustainability.”

Their stated goal is to self assess with regards to “climate change […] endowment transparency, investment priorities,” among others. Now is time for the University of Otago align its investments with these sustainability commitments.

As the country’s first university, Otago has a reputation in leading innovation in New Zealand. Dozens of universities worldwide have already divested from fossil fuels, including notable Stanford University and locally Victoria University in Wellington and supported by the Tertiary Education Union. Come on Otago, your motto says it all: “Sapere Aude” (Dare to be Wise).

What we’re asking for

We urge the University of Otago and the Foundation Trust to create a socially responsible investment policy in which these entities commit to

  1. immediately freezing any new investments in fossil fuel extraction
  2. divesting of all holdings, direct and indirect, the from fossil fuel extraction industry within five years, and
  3. screening for, and excluding, fossil fuel extraction from all of the entities’ future investment portfolios.

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