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How we work – someone comes along to the monthly 350 meeting and says ‘Hey I’ve got this idea, what do you think?’ Then they get a group together and go & do it, with feedback and help from the rest of us. It’s that simple.

As 350 we focus on social change, not just personal lifestyle change. We’re into asking people to change banks, not just light-bulbs or even cars (though that’s all good). We seek dialogue and alliances with as many groups and organisations as we can – churches, unions, vegans, grandparents…. The climate crisis will only be solved if EVERY citizen, every one of us, sees ourself as an activist and stands up to make change in our own part of the community.

If your group or organisation is working to tackle climate change, we can help publicise it with links on this website, Facebook etc. Contact us at


Divesting – our money as a force for good

Brave people have stopped coal trains, camped on land about to be mined and boarded oil rigs. But ultimately any one coal or oil company can’t afford to take any notice of them.

So the next step is: Follow the Money! These destructive sunset industries still operate because they’re funded by banks, super funds and other big investors like universities. has a successful worldwide campaign running to persuade funders to divest funds out of fossils and re-invest in renewable energy, to have any chance of averting climate chaos.

Banks and super funds the four major banks in NZ (ANZ, BNZ, Westpac and ASB) have huge fossil fuel investments and are doing little to change this.  As the biggest fossils investor by far, ANZ is 350’s primary focus this year.

As well as non-violent civil disobedience, 350 is encouraging people to use resources such as Market Forces ( to find out where our money is being invested, and to change banks to ones that invest ethically.

University of Canterbury divestment campaigna group here is working hard to get the university to shift its trust funds out of fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) and into renewable energy.  See the Facebook group.

Does your school or tertiary education organisation have investments in fossil fuels?  Find out from this team how to persuade them to divest and reinvest in a cleaner future!

We also have links to church groups who are working to divest church trust funds from fossil fuels – contact us at for more information.


Non-violent civil disobedience

Enough is enough! 2015 was the hottest year on record. It’s time to get serious about climate action.

Our government and many big corporates, banks and major investors, continue to ignore the global commitment made in Paris for urgent climate action.  It is time for citizens to stand up & make ourselves heard.

Join us in organised acts of peaceful civil disobedience, to break-free from the grip of the fossil fuel industry, their financiers and enablers – before it’s too late.

It’s our money being used to fund climate change –  this is unacceptable.   It’s time to engage in peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience in the tradition that our nation is known for.

Te Whiti and Tohu Kakahi did it, Gandhi did it, Martin Luther King did it, very ordinary people like you and me did it – they said “That’s enough” and started doing things differently – and they won against odds that seemed overwhelming.

Watch a short video of our 7th May break free action; Break Free Week continued around New Zealand and around the world. Watch the inspiring video.


Ideas hub – film & discussion evenings

Our monthly film + discussion evenings at the WEA offer an enjoyable way of soaking up information in lively company. Topics have included Naomi Klein on capitalism, vegan epic Cowspiracy, films on indigenous activism and much more.

Plans for 2016 include Megan Woods MP presenting Labour’s climate policy, a Joanna Macy-type workshop on grief & the climate, and panel discussions with local body candidates on their understanding of climate action. The films are shown by Juliet Adams of Lyttelton’s LIFT library who has a treasure trove of material.

Does your group have a climate issue you’d like to explore and debate?  Think about putting it on as one of these evenings – we’ll help you and can help publicise it.


Coal-fired boilers

Christchurch Hospital – we have an on-going campaign to get CDHB to stop burning coal in Christchurch Hospital boilers. The boilers can also burn wood waste. The next step is to get a wood waste trial happening, and establish a robust, cost-effective wood waste supply chain. 2016 is local body election year – we’ll work with Gen Zero to canvass all CDHB candidates to find out & publicise what they know about the boilers and their position on it.

Fonterra dairy factory expansion we work closely with Coal Action Network Aotearoa (CANA) in opposing Fonterra’s dairy factory expansion (eg at Studholme with 4 new coal fired boilers!). Fonterra is one of the biggest users of coal in New Zealand, providing a market for low grade coal (eg Darfield mine).

Schools, hospitals and dairy factories are the major NZ users of low grade coal to fire their boilers. Wood waste is a better renewable alternative and would create jobs to replace mining.

Does your local hospital or school still run a coal-fired boiler?  Find out, then contact us & we can help you persuade the organisation to change!


Deep sea oil drilling protests

Hands Across the Sand 2016We support Oil Free Otautahi’s lively events to protest the continued selling of drilling permits to oil companies for risky deep sea drilling off our coast.

In 2016’s Hands Across the Sand event on Saturday 28 May we came together in a family-friendly event to draw attention to the risk to marine reserves. You can watch a video here.


Anti-TPPA protests

We are deeply involved supporting the anti-TPPA activity. If this ‘trade’ deal is passed, all our other campaigns will be far more difficult to win. National and local governments will be hamstrung in passing laws to address climate change – as even Obama was when he bowed to public pressure & said No to the big Keystone oil pipeline – and was promptly sued by the companies involved, under a ‘trade’ deal similar to TPPA.


Creative – you name it!

We are building up a strong community of musicians, singers, flash-mobbers, yarn bombers, poster painters and clowns who liven up our events. Want to join in?

Email us on or contact Steve 027 413 4048


Deforestation, livestock farming & climate diet

350chch has been focusing on fossil fuels but we’re aware of the importance of deforestation for climate change, and the impact of intensive livestock farming on the rapid clearing of the tropical rainforests in particular.

We’re interested in working with vegan and other groups focused on changing lifestyle, especially towards a ‘climate diet’. We’ve been holding informal ‘climate diet’ evenings, and film + discussion nights.


100% renewable – lobbying local government

In 2015 we had good success in persuading Christchurch City Council to adopt a 100% renewable energy policy. 2016 is local body election year – we’ll be working with Gen Zero to canvass all local body candidates to find out and publicise their position on the need for an urgent shift away from fossil fuels.


A national climate plan – lobbying political parties

As a non-aligned organisation 350christchurch will canvass and lobby all Canterbury-based candidates in the 2017 national elections to see if they have a credible climate action plan that addresses the urgency of the situation.

For the last decade, the NZ government has consistently denied the seriousness of the climate crisis, poured millions into supporting the fossil fuel sector, and done little to develop climate solutions.

Given this determinedly deaf ear turned by government to the climate movement, 350 has focussed on public education, rather than on lobbying for the changes that are urgently needed from a responsible government – such as a carbon tax, support for reforestation and for renewable energy sources, and a just transition to stop using coal.

The 2017 national election gives us a great opportunity to raise these issues and ensure that such policies are adopted by parties wishing to be in power.


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